Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye, 2017

And all too soon, the time has come for my usual year end post.

This post won't be like the other year end ones in the sense that I won't be doing my usual recap of events...well, I might, but I won't elaborate on them too much. The truth is, I feel like this year has been far more than a sum of its events. In preparation for these posts, I usually look through my Instagram and Facebook pics to get a feel of what to write about. That wasn't very inspiring this year, unfortunately - everything I came across seemed equally important. Also, the more unsavoury events don't get a fair representation on social media (which people tend to forget). Therefore, I'm just going to produce a sort of organised ramble and hope it serves as an adequate memento of the year.

2017 has been a big year for me, with really high highs and really low lows. It's been a year of learning, growth, and preparation for Life In the Real World. Graduation happened, and that was a big deal. Talking about everything graduation would be a blog post in itself - there was grad breakfast, the Declaration of Geneva, actual graduation, and grad ball. Before all that, there was the LCS grad dinner, the class grad trip to Goaty Hill Winery and later a smaller grad trip to Penang. We also had some post-OSCEs fun in Melbourne. Lots of fun times with great people, but also lots of goodbyes. Some friends are leaving Australia for good, and some are leaving for the mainland, so it's all been very bittersweet. Graduation always is, isn't it?

What made it even more bittersweet was news that hit the Kpop scene just days before (if this seems frivolous, it's not): Jonghyun of SHINee had committed suicide. This year has been marred with what feels like an unreasonable number of suicides. Jonghyun, Chester Bennington, two teens while I was on rural GP, another person I don't think I'm supposed to name. It's horrible. It's heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how their friends and family must feel, how they're ending their 2017. Sorry to be a downer, but this was part of my 2017, and I feel compelled to include it here. It's incredibly sad, but it's something we can hopefully learn from. We need to take care of ourselves (which isn't some wishy-washy, fluffy thing like I used to think it was), and look out for each other. Mental health is important, and I think we would all do well to remember that.

Moving on, here are some quick yays and nays of 2017!

Spent Chinese New Year in Malaysia (for the first and last time in years)
Took part in a colour run
Hiked Cape Raoul
Had some really good rotations - Gen Med and GP in particular
Passed OSCEs + portfolio interview and graduated!
Volunteered at Teddy Mobile Clinic
Family holiday in Tassie and Melbourne

Too Many Suicides
Job/AHPRA/visa applications
Mental health (or the lack thereof)
Not getting to see my best friend this year
Saying goodbye to friends who are leaving

2018 is looking scarily exciting, with it being my first year in the working world. I'm a real doctor now, and looking forward to actually being useful and doing some good! While there will be many new responsibilities and experiences, there are still some things that remain comfortingly the same: my house, the hospital I'm at, church, and always God. Hopefully these will ground me as I navigate the treacherous seas of intern life. They should be enough to ground me, in any case. Everything will be okay.

So long, 2017. Thanks for all the good times and the lessons.

Hello, 2018! Please be good to us all.

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