Friday, November 1, 2013

Exam period filler post

It feels like every post I make nowadays (nowaweeks? nowamonths?) begins with my commenting on how long it's been since I last posted. This is a sorry excuse for a blog, but I'll do my very best to not let it die!

We're in the middle of exams currently. Had our second paper yesterday, and there're six days to go till our next (and final!) one, so I figured I might pop in here for a quick post before starting to study for our applied. One more week of mugging. Just a week from now, we will be freeeeee -- free from all the study and stress and breakouts and notes and lecture slides and stress eating and strategically-timed coffee breaks and late nights and attempts at early mornings! Sigh. A week has never seemed so far away.

And yet, I know how quickly it'll go by. Med school has had a way of making days, weeks, even months, just fly by before you can say 'rectus capitis posterior major' (sorry, just got out of a revision session in the dissection lab). Heck, it's even made this entire year fly by. I looked at the date on my phone in the wee hours of the morning today and wondered how it was already November. Also, after this last exam, we'll be done with first year of med school! How crazy is that?

I know people who are going all, "Yay, after this we'll be one-fifth of a doctor!". I say no -- we'll be one-fifth of a graduate. Maybe it's because I'm only in first year and don't know what the clinical years students get up to, but in my mind, five years of university does not a doctor make. (That's why you have to do your internship, right?) I could be wrong, though, because the fourth and fifth year students I met during Rural Week seemed to know their stuff. In any case, the fact remains that we're at least part of the way there, and that is definitely something to be excited and proud about!

So, so much has happened this year. This isn't the time to reflect about it, so I guess I'll save it for another post, when I'm not supposed to be studying. I will say, though, that's it's been great, and I'm going to miss Tassie, my friends, and maybe even med school over the three-month break (if anyone has any ideas as to what to do, let me know) (if you say 'study', I will disown you as a friend).

Back to studying!

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