Thursday, October 18, 2012

I had a job

Since I'm not studying at the moment, I told myself I would get a job. So I did.

I then told myself I would blog about it, but I still haven't, and I've since left the job. However, I had the post kind of planned out in my head, so I'm going to go ahead and blog about it anyway and make the appropriate changes to the title. (Can you say 'professional blogger'?)

I believe the caption for this was something along the lines of 'Why has time stopped? #work'.

So for about a month, I worked as a part time retail assistant in a bakery. The pay wasn't very high (friends kept telling me to quit and look for higher-paying jobs elsewhere), but it was near my house and free food! I got sick of bread and buns pretty quickly, though; almost every day I worked there, my lunch consisted of the day before's leftover buns. I have since developed a great appreciation for hot food.

Another job perk was being able to read when there weren't any customers. I hadn't been brave enough to try this till about my second week, and I wish I'd started earlier because it made my job a lot more bearable. During my time there, I read two Reader's Digests, Fahrenheit 451Life of Pi (which I enjoyed), and Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain (which I didn't enjoy). I also reread The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You can imagine how much free time there was that I'd previously spent sitting and staring at the cash register.

I didn't enjoy this very much either. Good message, but horribly depressing.

All in all, though, I guess I'm glad that I took up the job. It was better than sitting at home on Tumblr all day, and, you know, the usual stuff about new people and new experiences.

Before I go, here are some things I learned during my time as a retail assistant:
  • Job titles make jobs sound a lot more glamorous than they really are. You'd imagine a retail assistant would bag your bread and buns, work the cash register, assist you in choosing buns... Well, yeah, I did all that. I also washed up trays and tongs, wiped display shelves, swept and mopped floors, washed up trays and tongs, folded plastic bags, sliced bread, washed up trays and tongs, shooed away flies, plated buns, wiped trays, and washed up trays and tongs. Retail assistant. Yep.
  • There are people who don't go see a doctor or dentist even when they really need to, not because they're afraid, but because they can't afford it.
  • 'Zhi dai' is 'plastic bag' in Mandarin.
  • There are people my own age who have left home to look for work because job opportunities where they come from are scarce.
  • The name of every single bun and all the varieties of bread the bakery sells.
  • Ask (about extra pay when working during public holidays), and ye shall receive.
  • Buns are better warm.

You're welcome for those little nuggets of wisdom.

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