Thursday, September 6, 2012


Almost every day, there are pictures of friends with their friends at KLIA on my Facebook newsfeed. People no longer talk about unis, but about visa applications and packing. Before-I-leave meetups are being planned. "When are you leaving?" is the question of the month.

These are not funtimes.

Quite a number of my friends are UK-bound. They're going to be trickling away, one by one, and it's only just begun to sink in. It'd be selfish to say that I don't want them to go; it'd be untrue as well, since I'm excited for them. It's just very weird to think that by the end of the month, they'll all not be physically here anymore, but very far and several timezones away. I mean, there's the Internet and all that, so they won't be, y'know, gone -- they just won't be here anymore, is all.

There's always that sinister voice at the back of my mind going 'And how many of them are you going to keep in touch with?'. After the overly-optimistic promises to keep in touch after primary school and the somewhat less so ones after secondary school, I've learned that, try as you might, this only extends to a select few people. It makes me sad to think about, but these things happen. Horrible as it sounds, there are always new friends to be made; additions rather than replacements, of course, but the fact remains.

I might privately be an emotional wreck once the onslaught of departures begins. Hopefully not, but it's highly probable. I'm excited for my friends to begin a new chapter of their lives, but I'll also be sad to see them go, not least because it'll be 'goodbye' instead of 'see you' for some of them. (If that sounded morbid, please refer to previous paragraph.)

Argh. I don't even know.

September is going to be horrible.

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