Friday, August 17, 2012

Edexcel results day 3.0

So in this blog post, I said that 3A*s was my goal. Like, my ultimate A-levels goal. What to Aim For. My New Target. The Big One.

I didn't get it.

But, you know, it's okay. I still meet my uni entry requirements and all, and it's not a bad result. 2A* 1A -- A*s for Math and Bio, and an A for Chem. Thankyou, everyone who wished me good luck, and everyone who congratulated me after. You all sounded happier than I felt, and it was amusing. Y'all are awesome. Thanks, guys!

I'd actually been super worried for Math, to be honest. C4 was a killer paper, and I'd actually blanked the heck out during it; I just kept writing, though I had little idea what any of it meant. It was the first time I'd properly blanked out during a paper. Horrible, horrible feeling. What made it worse was the relieved looks on my friends' faces after, and the "That wasn't so bad!"s.

Also, there was the fact that I'd...kind of stopped paying attention in Math class. I mean, yeah, I attended them, sure; but our lecturer had to finish the syllabus really fast and just powered through it, leaving me choking on her dust. I kind of just did my own thing in class, and then went home and taught myself stuff using the textbook at my own speed. Any questions I had, our lecturer was happy to answer. (She's actually a really nice lady. I feel really bad saying this. Pay attention in class, guys.)

Chemistry, on the other hand... If there was a subject I would be okay with not getting an A* in, it'd be Chemistry. I kind of hated it. Also, we kept getting bad lecturers for Chem, so much that I'd given up on them and learned everything myself from the textbook, with some help from the Internet. Many of my friends went for Chem tuition, but I refused. Tuition? At A-levels? Not for me.

(Of course, you could say that my decision has come back to haunt me, but I've given it some thought and refuse to think of it that way. I got this A on my own. If you offered me the chance to go back in time and take Chem tuition in order to get that A*, I wouldn't. I really wouldn't. I've got nothing against friends who did take tuition, though! It's a personal choice, and to each their own!)

I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with my Bio, though. Full marks for Unit 5! My Unit 6 was terrible, however; no idea what happened there. Even my Chem Unit 6 (which I thought I'd royally messed up) marks were better! But, you know, whatever, I got my A*. Yay.

I don't know why I'm rambling about my marks and stuff here. Maybe it's because it's 1.30am and I'm tired but told myself I had to get this post up by today. So this post is done. No pictures because I'm lazy, and anyway I can't think of any pictures that would relate to this brain dump. I'm not a very good blogger, am I? Oh well, at least I post fairly consistently.

Goodnight, Internet.

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