Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why life has been great lately

  • The exams are over!
  • I've started playing guitar again, both acoustic and classical. (My fingertips hurt, but that's okay.)
  • I baked oatmeal muffins w/ streusel today.
  • We're going to visit Grandad tomorrow!
  • Went  out for dinner with Dhama, Ying Ying, and Shean Yen last night. It was so nice to just lepak and chat about non-studies-related things.
  • Wong Fu just uploaded their Malaysia tour vid.
  • I found the chords for Happily Ever After, a song I love.
  • I watched Mulan just now. It was pretty awesome, though I didn't remember it being so sad!
  • The cult's planning a trip to this forest retreat, and it's gonna be super fun!
  • David Choi replied me on Twitter. Completely unexpected. The memory of it managed to make me smile even when I was in a crummy mood from all the studying.
  • No more stress/naggy, self-righteous 'You should be studying' thoughts.
  • I'm sleeping better. (Chem 5, C4, and Bio 5 in the same week caused many a night of fitful slumber. Stomachaches too.)
  • The exams are over!!

Post about having completed A-levels coming soon. After I run out of things to do. Har har.

Edit: It says this post was made on the 24th, but it was really the 23rd, because I hadn't slept yet. Yes, that does make perfect sense.

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