Saturday, May 12, 2012

Music matters

Hello! I haven't been (and will not be) blogging because my final round of Edexcel exams is coming up. There is nothing new I have to report except that the full extent of how much Bio there is to study compared to Chem only just hit me recently. Boo.

Oh, wait. I do have something, except it's not very interesting. I got a account a while back, but only bothered finding out how to use it about a month or so ago. I got it because I wanted to see my music stats -- not just my top songs (iTunes tells you that), but my top artistes. Also, it shows you your top songs and artistes by week! If you want to see my profile, here it is!

Since we're on the topic of music stats, this is what happens when you have a song on repeat and accidentally leave your iPod on (and unattended) for about five hours:


And because I never miss a chance to plug Wong Fu (and, occasionally, my posts), here is a post I did on These Four Walls! It has the actual video and the 'making of' video embedded for your convenience. If it's just the instrumental soundtrack you're interested in, you can listen to it at George Shaw's Bandcamp page. I love the song. As you can probably tell from the picture above.

Another plug for another song (and Wong Fu vid)! When She Left is an instrumental track from When Five Fell, and I love it. You can listen to it on Jesse Chui's website. Listen to it with open in another tab -- it really adds to the, well, mood. On the video: I do really like it, but the narration gets a little too corny for my liking sometimes. What do you think?

So anyway, I shouldn't even be here right now, you know. I should be doing Math. Or Unit 6 papers. Or sleeping. Man, I cannot wait for the exams to be over.


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