Thursday, April 5, 2012

Science and Stuff

For a long time now, I've contemplated starting a medicine/science-related blog. I would post mini recaps of stuff from my Bio and Chem textbooks, info on diseases (both physical and mental) I sometimes read about online, and lame science jokes that my sleep-deprived brain comes up with during study/cramming sessions. Of course, I'd have to post fairly often, and would run out of material soon enough. This would mean I'd have to read up to get new material to blog about, which would certainly be advantageous in the long run!

Anyone remember those Mr. Kiasu comics?
('Kiasu' is a Hokkien word that means 'scared to lose';
in this case, it's someone who tries too hard to get ahead, ie. me.)

It seemed like a great idea. The main reason I didn't get to it immediately was my fear that I would lack commitment. There are few things online that I hate more than a dead blog -- so depressing. On the other hand, what if I got too committed? What if I spent all my time researching stuff, forgetting about more pressing issues at hand, such as college tests? Man.

This evening, however, I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and do it. Yeah, I know, that was a super valid reason, huh? But what's done is done! After much competition for URLs and layout colour-tweaking, I give you...Science and Stuff!

The layout's a bit boring, but you won't have to be looking at it if you follow me... Which I would very much appreciate... (Hint hint!) In any case, I promise that the posts won't be boring. Really. Because I have many a lame science joke to share, if I could only remember them all!

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