Friday, March 9, 2012

Edexcel results day 2.0

(Click to read my first post on last year's Edexcel results day.)

Okay, just to get it over and done with: I got all As. My AS results are pretty good, and if this continues, 3As are in my grasp for sure. Once I realised this, I upped the ante: the goal is now 3A*s, which should be possible if I work super hard for the next round of exams. I gotta get down this sem, and not just on Fridays.

Massive, massive thanks to God. I still remember walking out of the exam hall, not knowing how I did at all after some papers, and wanting to just give up on life in general after others. I'm not even kidding, and I exaggerate only the slightest bit. My results today were a bit of a shocker, but in the best way possible. Thankyou, God!

On the down side, college today was super depressing. I remember descending the stairs, and everywhere I turned, people were crying. By 'people', of course, I mean 'girls', because the guys who were upset were too macho to cry. Instead, their unhappiness manifested in the forms of frowns, grimaces, and intense staring sessions with their results slips. I felt bad for being happy, so it wasn't long before all good feelings I had vaporised.

I hope everyone who was upset is feeling better now. There's at least one more sem, one more shot to retake everything you need to retake, so it's best to concentrate on that! Things will be okay! To the few (at least, I only saw a few) who are happy with their results, congratulations! High fives all around!

Hey, fellow 1101/1103 students. In mere months, we would've finished our A-levels, ending a chapter of our lives (one that I thoroughly enjoyed). Man. Scary stuff, but so, so exciting.

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