Tuesday, February 14, 2012

These Four Walls

Happy Valentine's Day!

On another note, here's a somewhat artsy short from Wong Fu Productions that I love -- These Four Walls, directed by Wesley Chan. I've been rewatching it (note the use of present perfect continuous tense...which I totally did not just Google to confirm the meaning of) and thought I might share it here today. I'm not sure why, since it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. But if you like instrumental piano music, scenery, Italy, and abstract ideas, watch it!

If you aren't impressed, I suggest watching the 'making of' video. Wes and his brother Brian (Brian especially) are amazing with their hands. The starting of the video? No special effects or anything -- it was all them. Also, the custom-made box Brian is holding in the thumbnail was perfect!

Freaking ingenious. My mind is blown. Goodnight, everyone.

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