Friday, January 27, 2012

A birthday, a CNY, and eight papers later

Hello, everyone! I'm back!

Jazz hands fail!

Man, it has been way too long. I have so much to say, but it all feels awkward at the moment 'cause I've sort of lost my touch, I guess. Typing normally right now feels weird, since a normal conversation with me online would consist of numerous acronyms and frantic caps lock bouts, neither of which are suitable in a blog post (in my eyes, anyway). So here I am, a birthday, a Chinese New Year, and eight papers later, blogging again. Woo.

This year is one of those years when my birthday fell on Chinese New Year Eve. Thankyou to friends and family members alike for the wishes, money, and presents! Fun fact about me: I was actually born on Chinese New Year Eve. My mother's gynae is Chinese, and he had to be dragged away from his reunion dinner in order to deliver me. (Causing trouble since the day I was born, that's me!) 1993 was the year of the Rooster, but since I was born on the eve, I'm really a Monkey. Close to no one seems to understand this when I tell them. "No! You're born same year as me, so you're a Rooster!" Pfft.

Chinese New Year was a two day, one night trip to my parents' hometown; really short, because I had a paper two days after. My parents had given me the option of not going, but then one of them would have had to stay with me, and it didn't seem right for me to deprive someone else of whatever fun there is to be had in that small town for my sake. So we all went, collected/gave ang paus, and ate a lot. And that was that.

Our annual cousins shot, missing at least fifteen cousins.
Photo credit: Chooi Lin

The exams...were a mixed bag. Papers ranged from "Oh, that was doable!" to "I honestly don't know how I did..." to "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!". This might be super uncharitable of me, but I hope everyone else did badly as well for the hard papers so the bell curve gets shifted accordingly. We had Chem 4 as our last paper today, and I'd been super nervous about it. Thankfully, God sent down some ten-minutes-to-the-end-of-the-paper epiphanies, leaving me scrambling to write everything down, grateful as heck.

Using the hall as our examination, well, hall, was weird, especially during the night papers. Hall plus nighttime to me add up to the musical -- the numerous night practices we had, and our performance nights. The yellow spotlights shining onstage in the dark had made the hall feel somewhat cozy...but the atmosphere during the exams was far from it! In fact, it seemed impossible that it was the same place we'd had our musical in! It makes me think maybe a building or room really doesn't matter, it's what goes on inside it. That was supposed to sound somewhat philosophical, but it doesn't, because it came out wrong and I'm too tired to think, never mind be eloquent.

Photo taken (with my phone) by Dhama, who was supposed to have been doing her homework.

So that's it. Chem 4 ended at 8pm today. At 8am tomorrow, my class starts a four-hour block of Chemistry classes, separated by half an hour for lunch. MCKL, you're horrible. (I'm kidding. I actually do love MCKL.) It's bedtime for me now. 'Cause it's been a haaard daaay's niiight -- I should be sleepiiing like a looog.


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