Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas > Edexcel

Dear Edexcel,

When I first heard that the exams would be going on all throughout the month of January next year, I must say that I was rather put out. Exams in January would mean having to start preparing in December, which would lead to Christmas and New Year's being somewhat less festive than they usually are. Also, this coming January sees me turning nineteen, as well as Chinese New Year, both of which I will be unable to celebrate due to the ongoing exams. Therefore, I am sure you understand my initial frustration at the news.

However, a few weeks ago, something important occurred to me: We can't be the first batch to have gone through this. Surely some of our seniors must have had their Christmases, New Years, birthdays, and Chinese New Years ruined by the exams too. And surely most of them managed to get their As and A*s regardless. If they can do it, I told myself, then so can I.

A problem remained, though. Despite my new outlook on things, I still wasn't happy with the fact that I was letting the Edexcel exams ruin my Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy and peace and love, my absolute favourite time of the year, and I refused to let anything take from me the happiness only Christmas can bring. Therefore, you Grinches Edexcel, I have something to say to you.

You can ruin my New Year's. You can ruin my Chinese New Year. Heck, you can even ruin my birthday. But I am not -- not -- letting you ruin my Christmas. So there.

Merry Christmas to you.

Hui Jan

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