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Glee S03E06: Mash Off (SPOILERS)

You know, I always tell myself that I'll take forty-five minutes off from whatever I'm supposed to be doing to watch Glee, but it always ends up being a few hours. What usually happens is I watch the ep, I freak out about the ep, I go on Tumblr for gifs of the ep, I tweet about the ep, and so on and so forth. Then I see something else on the Internet and get distracted and go do that, and then, hey, one new notification on Facebook, then oh, there's a new video from someone I've subscribed to on YouTube, and it's all downhill from there.


But I'm here today to talk about Glee, so let's put all that aside for a while. Today's episode was tragic. Let's go through all the sad things that happened, shall we?

Santana being outed in the worst way possible -- she hadn't even told her parents yet!

A lot of people are mad at Finn for this, and even more are defending him. He definitely shouldn't have used something like that against her in a fight, but come on. When you're fighting, the only thinking you do is finding barbs to throw or ways to defend yourself, not so much about the outcome of either one. Obviously he didn't mean for her to be outed -- he's not a mean person.

But seeing Santana break down like that was scary. We all know she's pretty vicious, but we also know that she's strong. She managed to keep it together throughout the (AWESOME) performance, but just lost it right after, slapping Finn in the face. (It was a real, very hard slap, btw.) Oh man. Cannot wait for the next ep to see how she deals. She'll either fall back on the glee club people for support or turn MEGA vicious, I think.

Rory getting attacked -- attacked -- by the Troubletones at dodgeball and ending up bleeding.

Okay, so since the first ep that Rory was in, I've developed a huge crush on Damian McGinty. I mean, come on. Lovely voice, blue eyes, brown hair, porcelain skin, Irish accent, can't dance to save his life... What's not to like? He plays a leprechaun the Irish exchange student whom no one seems to be able to understand due to his accent. He's skinny and dorky, and gets picked on a lot.

This time was the worst, because it was a bunch of girls relentlessly flinging ball after ball at him, even after he'd fallen to his knees. These girls, some of them had been on New Directions and quit to join the Troubletones; they were completely vicious because Rory was the new kid who had just joined New Directions. He'd ended up with a bloody nose, and seeing him look up dejectedly at the Troubletones after Kurt had stopped them was heartbreaking.

I am perfectly disgusted with Mercedes, Brittany, and Santana. Violence sickens me to no end, and seeing a bunch of girls going all Lima Heights on a poor, defenseless boy even after he hit the ground was awful to watch. For one thing, the fight was over, and for another, even the guys in Fight Club stop once you fall! (Okay, I just checked -- it's 'goes limp'. Still, a high school dodgeball fight shouldn't be reminiscent of freaking Fight Club! It sounds utterly barbaric!)

Rachel putting an end to her run for president and telling everyone to vote for Kurt.

Now, that last one wasn't quite, you know, sad, but it was so incredibly touching. Rachel is super duper ambitious, and her giving that up for Kurt? B'aww. I really hope he wins the campaign; his speech was the best by miles (Rachel's doesn't count anymore), and he is undoubtedly the best suited for the job. Vote for Kurt Hummel!

What got me thinking, though, was whether Rachel would've given it up if she hadn't gotten the lead in the musical. Probably not, I think. Still, this was a big step for Rachel, and it's so nice to see how much she's progressed over the past few seasons, learning to let go of the things she wants for the people she loves.

Kurt/Rachel BFF scenes make me so happy!

On the whole, I'd say Glee really is getting more interesting (especially with last week's First Time). It also most definitely doesn't hurt that they have Damian on board now too. I get really happy every time he's on screen. He's a lot more than just the dorky Irish kid, but it's early days yet; I really, really hope they do something with him! Hopefully his cover of Blue Christmas is an indication of a tearjerker of a Christmas ep.

I just really, really like Damian, okay?

(From Damian's official Facebook page)

(From the Oxygen website)

One last thing before I go. Even if you aren't a fan of Glee, you might like this; it's a brilliant mashup of Adele's Rumour Has It and Someone Like You, performed by the Troubletones. Have a listen!

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