Monday, October 10, 2011

Water villas

This weekend's been lovely. The whole family packed up to Port Dickson for my dad's company dinner thing, and we stayed overnight in a water villa. It was amazing. We had our own (four foot-deep) private pool! We never actually went for a dip in it, but I spent the afternoon with my legs dangling in the water, studying Chemistry. (Boo you, trials.)

If I end up rich in the future, I will have my own private pool for sure.

Chemistry somehow didn't seem as bad as usual.

Sitting by a quiet pool on a beautiful day has to be the best way to study. Beats the cold library any day. Cool water lapping at your legs, the gurgling sound of the little frog fountain, lovely weather...

Pretty skies!

I think it's clear that Tumblr has gotten to me. 

The dinner had a Hawaiian theme, so we all got leis as souvenirs. I copied the actions of a lady at another table and wore mine around my wrist to keep it from getting into my food. I looked a bit like I'd killed a parrot.


It was a nice break away from everything (kind of), like my last trip to PD was. Beaches are always so relaxing, whether or not you actually go on the beach. I think the cult needs to plan a beach getaway for after our A-levels, hee hee. 

Anyway, it's back to real life now. College tomorrow, and a test the day after. Whatever. Life's good.

Yeah, this is a picture post because I don't have the time to do a proper written one. Sorry, guys. Have a Pug picture to sorta make up for it.

With a push of this dominati-- IS THAT A TREAT YOU'RE HOLDING?

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