Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guys: Tsk tsk

I think I speak for most girls and even some guys when I say that guys can be incredibly clueless. Y'all are unobservant, even dense, to the point where it's a little bit insensitive. Someone's wearing a new dress? You don't notice. Your best friend gets a haircut? You don't notice. Your lab partner isn't here? "Eh, who's my lab partner again ah?"

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Okay, maybe that last one was an exaggeration, but the point is, you guys just don't notice stuff! I'm not sure why your brains are wired as such, but it's both infuriating and hopelessly funny sometimes.

Today, I wore my new glasses to college and got asked by two different guys when I started wearing specs. (Fun fact: I have been wearing specs for eight years now and have done so every day to college save for one day when I thought I'd try contacts.) When we realised they were being serious, the cult and I just stared at them in open-mouthed disbelief.

Part of one conversation:

Joel: What are you-- *pauses* Hey... Is that... Are those new specs?
Shaun: Eh, when did you start wearing specs?
Joel: *falters*
Cult minus Trishi: *stares at Shaun*
Shaun: She didn't wear specs before this, right?
Joel: She didn't meh?
Me: I did. I've worn specs to college every single day.
Shaun: Yeah meh?!

Good grief. Five points to Joel for noticing, but two points for being easily swayed.

So long, purple glasses. You have served me well.
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Even better is the story of my dad, back when I was little. It was approaching Christmas, so my mother, my sister, and I took out the tree and spent the afternoon decorating it. It was supposed to have been a six-foot tree. Keep this in mind: a decorated, six-foot Christmas tree with blinking, multicoloured lights. Okay? Yeah, so my father came home from work, and we all stood in front of him beaming, waiting for him to notice the tree. The decorated, six-foot Christmas tree. With blinking, multicoloured lights.

He somehow sensed the expectancy in the air (bless him), but failed to notice the tree. He looked at my mother standing right in front of the tree, saw her affronted look, and ventured, "New haircut, is it? It's very nice."


What about you? If you've got any stories of clueless guys, I'd love to hear them! They pretty much always make me laugh, and I'll be needing some of that, seeing as how the trials are approaching. Eek.

P.S. Guys, you can be clueless and dense and exasperating sometimes, but we girls still love you.

P.P.S. It must be the hormones.

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