Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ineligible to donate blood?

Yesterday, the Leo Club of MCKL and representatives from University Malaya had a blood donation drive at our college. From days before the event right up to the point where I stood uncertainly outside the hall, this niggling indecision wouldn't leave me alone -- to donate or not to donate?

Yes? No? Maybe?
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I bet all of you are just going, "Donate lah! What's so hard?" in your heads right now. Well, yeah, that's what I told myself too. But I'd wanted to do it last year at the blood donation drive at my school, and my mother and grandad had freaked out and said no. Being seventeen at the time, I'd needed parental consent and couldn't have gone ahead with it. Now, though, I'm eighteen -- I can legally do anything I want with my body. (Like, say, donate blood. Or get a tattoo. Heh heh.)

Anyway, just to be safe, I called el madre. To summarise the two calls (she'd been driving the first time), it was about five minutes of 'MAKE SURE THEY USE FRESH NEEDLES THEY HAVE TO OPEN IT IN FRONT OF YOU IF THEY DON'T THEN YOU DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BLOOD' over and over again. Okay, mother. Message received. Got it.

And so, with her (sort of) blessing, I proceeded to fill in the donors' form. Nothing on there was an issue, and I was getting more and more psyched to donate some blood. However, that annoying niggling feeling was back, and it wasn't because I was chickening out.

Wait a sec...

There was a sign outside stating the requirements you had to meet in order to donate blood, and I didn't fulfil all of them. It was just one seemingly insignificant one, one that I didn't think mattered since it wouldn't affect the condition of my blood, but the fact was, I didn't fulfil it; it said that all donors were supposed to have had at least five hours of sleep the night before, and I'd only had four. (Because, you know, I am a vampire.) As petty as it seemed, I felt it best to check with the doctor present before getting myself into some undesirable situation.

Long story short, that one hour of not sleeping caused me to be ineligible to donate blood. From all other aspects, it would've been perfectly fine, but because I hadn't gotten a minimum of five hours of sleep the night before, I wasn't allowed to. This may or may not be a wake up call (har har) of sorts telling me to sleep more.

I am still sadfacing over this, just so you know. Donating blood is something I've wanted to do for quite some time now. The way I see it, it's a good thing to do, and it's not like I'd miss the blood I'd be donating -- all the 'missing' blood is replenished by your body within 48 hours after donation. Besides, the production of new red blood cells to replace the lost ones is supposed to be good for you. And, of course, nothing beats that 'I could be saving a life by doing this' feeling, right?

(From this blog.)

If you plan to donate blood sometime in the future (do it!), here are some of the requirements you'll have to meet, according to Universiti Malaya:

  • Must be aged 18 and above.
  • Must weigh more than 48kg.
  • Must have eaten before donation.
  • Must have had five hours of sleep the night before. (Sigh.)
  • Must be healthy.
  • Cannot be on antibiotics/medication.
  • For females, cannot be on your period or pregnant.
  • Cannot be a carrier of any disease.
  • Cannot have had sex with numerous partners.
  • For males, cannot have had same-gender sex.
  • Cannot have undergone surgery in the past six months.
  • Cannot have an STD.

There were a few others as well, but I can't remember them all. This should be most of it, though.

Five hours of sleep. A minimum of five hours of sleep. (The doctor said it was the absolute minimum; if not, I wouldn't have been able to stand, even, after donating blood.) If they have a blood donation drive at college again, I'll make sure I get freaking seven hours of sleep. Or six. Or five. At least five, anyway.

I feel you, Charlie Brown.

Sigh. Next time. Next time.


  1. I donated blood last year at my school :D I was a bit under their weight limit but they didn't check, or didn't seem to notice. But they did ask me how many hours and what I ate for breakfast and all that. Fun experience!

    Next time then :>

  2. Eh? Don't you need your parents' consent if you're under eighteen? :O When they came to my school, only the Form Sixes were allowed to donate w/o their parents having to fill up a form. Oh oh. Your parents consented lah. :P

    Haha, it's like some major interrogation, but I guess it's standard procedure. Yes, next time! (:

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