Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sem 2: Bittergourd

College has started again, with dire warnings from all our lecturers that 'things aren't going to be so easy anymore'. (Our reaction: "That was easy?!" The Chemistry paper in particular was super hard!) Perhaps the most memorable warning came from Miss Lydia: "Your honeymoon is over. No more honeydew. From now on, I will give you only bittergourd!"

The horror, the horror!

Oh, Miss Lydia. I'm happy to report I've retained all my previous sem's lecturers except for Chem -- we have Mr. Vijaiyan now, for which I am eternally grateful. Self-studying Chem, while probably easier than self-studying Bio, is no fun. No fun at all. Math isn't very fun at the moment, either (M1, GUYS!), but I like my lecturer, Ms. Er, so it's tolerable, I guess.

Today's the first time in days I've so much as touched my laptop. Right now, I have Math homework, Chem questions, and a Bio assignment preying on my mind. Also, I am sick. Again. My immune system is the best thing ever.

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Time to get started on that Bio assignment. I heard CIMP and MUFY people got a week more of holidays than the A-levels people did, so you guys will be starting college again on Monday. I am jealous, but har har to you all over your end-of-sembreak depression.

P.S. Care to read an article I wrote on bullying?

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