Tuesday, July 5, 2011


You know what freaks me out? These:

Yes, that's Xiaxue.
(From her blog.)

No, not Asian Barbie wannabes. Coloured contacts! Especially those with colours that are so far removed from one's original eye colour that it's not even funny. Everywhere you go here in Malaysia, you see girls (and sometimes guys!) peering at you with startlingly bright blue or green or amber eyes, irises that are undoubtedly, well, eye-catching. And if you're anything like me, you get way uncomfortable, avoid their gaze, and hope they never turn their coloured contact-covered eyes on you again.

The exaggeration here is only very slight, I promise. I'm not lying when I say I have trouble looking people wearing coloured contacts in the eye. It just looks so unnatural, and it's so hard to even carry a normal conversation with them because you have to look into their eyes as you speak. I can't, so I usually end up avoiding these people.

"Is she gone?!"

Even the browns are freaky-looking; the word that comes to mind is 'unnatural'. I have a friend in college who started out the first semester with brown contacts. You'd have thought brown was a safe colour, but no, they still looked weird. I think I only started really talking to her after she reverted to glasses (thus negating the intimidating wide-eyed factor). One day, I confessed that I used to be slightly afraid of talking to her because of her contacts. She in turn confessed to me that she didn't really like them, but had to wear them since she'd already bought a whole box.

Don't think brown's an okay colour to go with, guys.

Not too bad, but I couldn't find one that was midway
between shockingly hazel and non-visible.
They still look a little weird, though.
(From here.)

And now they have these eye-widening lenses or whatever that basically make your irises look bigger. I've seen guys and girls alike using these, and to be honest, some of them aren't bad-looking. But, you know, people usually overdo things and want super huge irises that block out the whites of their eyes. Perfect if you're aiming to look like an alien Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video.

You don't want to be friends? Fine with me!

I was talking to the best friend about this one day. She'd been on a student exchange trip to Japan (before the earthquake and tsunami) and therefore had been exposed to all sorts of weird fashion trends. She put it in an interesting way: "If people can change the colour of their hair, why can't they change the colour of their eyes? After all, you got people dyeing their hair all sorts of unnatural colours too, right?" Fingering my hair (which then had unnatural red highlights in it), I pointed out that you don't have to look at people's hair when you talk to them. Still, I did see her point.

I don't know. I still don't think wearing coloured contacts is the same thing as dyeing your hair. Sure, it's definitely a whole lot more temporary, but they're just...freaky. Does anyone else feel the same way about them? Because among all the people I've discussed this with, it's just me.

Forever alone, trololol.
(From this Tumblr.)

P.S. Looking for pictures for this post might actually give me nightmares tonight.

P.P.S. I was on Xiaxue's blog for an embarrassingly long time. It's almost grotesquely fascinating, all that cutesyness. You'd expect someone like that to have this really annoying, affected, high-pitched voice, but instead, Xiaxue sounds like this. Wait for it to load. Her voice is worth it.


  1. She sounds utterly Singaporean. I didn't quite expect that TBH. I was thinking, based on the way she writes, a lot more English-fied. That was an ear opener.

    As for the contact thing, I share your sentiments about them, although I know quite a number of people who use them on a regular basis (read: everyday) so I've gotten used to it I guess. Some colours aren't so bad, but the blues, the reds, the lime greens, those get to me.

  2. Do all Singaporeans speak like that? It's so...Cina. Her writing isn't exactly in perfect English either, y'know, and she sometimes has Chinese phrases (Hokkien, I think) that a banana like me doesn't understand. :P