Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogs and words

I love reading people's blogs. Real blogs, I mean -- blogs with actual content and thoughts and writing, not those picture-filled ones that take forever to load. It's nice to see what goes on in people's heads and read about how they feel about certain things, because it sort of gives you an idea of what they're like, even if you've never met them before.

(From 65° North.)

That's why celebrity blogs are so popular, I guess. Everybody wants to get up close and personal with their favourite celebs, right? There was a period of time where I religiously followed the Fall Out Boy blog, because Pete Wentz has this wonderful way with words (aliteration, tee hee). Sometimes he'd post song lyrics of unreleased songs, and those were the best. Fall Out Boy had some of the best lyrics ever. An example, off the top of my head, from What a Catch, Donnie (one of my favourite songs from them) : They say the captain goes down with the ship | So when the world ends, will God go down with it?

You know who else has a wonderful way with words? Adam Young, aka Owl City. I used to follow his blog religiously as well, but now I only drop by every now and then (which is possibly a good thing, since there's more to read every time I'm there). Be it lyrics or prose, Adam just writes amazingly well; to be able to write like him would be a gift. I don't get it, you know. His posts are full of flowing sentences that don't sound awkward despite the considerable length of each one. He doesn't use overly-bombastic words but manages to sound bombastic all the same. Each post must take forever to write, yet he updates pretty darn frequently.

He's really kind of amazing.
(From Roxwel.)

Maybe he just writes a lot faster and has more to say than I do.

Another blog I love belongs to Khairie. If you watched The Amazing Race Asia last year, you'll remember him as one half of the male Malaysian team. The short(er) guy. Even if you didn't watch the show or had no idea there even was an Asian version of The Amazing Race (shame!), check out his blog anyway. I really do enjoy his stuff. Some of his posts are raw and personal, and you have to give the guy props for putting himself out there like that. The sacrifice, I would say, is worth it, because most of the time, the best posts are the ones where you just sit down, let everything out, and publish it. Some of his posts have struck a chord with me, and some just make a crappy day/night a little bit less crappy.

Khairie appreciation picture!
(From Khairie's Blogger profile.)

I guess that was the point of this post. It's half past two in the morning, and I'm just sitting and typing whatever comes to mind. I've missed doing this, you know? Structured rambling, sort of. I'm not even thinking of what I'm going to say or anything, which is a refreshing change. Sometimes I wish I'd let myself blog more...lazily. Unrestrainedly. Some word along those lines. But when I blog, I'm highly aware that anyone anywhere in the world could read it, and therefore do not want to get too personal or anything. Besides, my mom reads my blog!

Oh, I'm on Twitter right now, and people are saying that Amy Winehouse is dead, presumably from drugs. RIP, Ms. Winehouse.

Rest in peace.

I've been wanting to blog about this book I read a little while back, Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction by David Sheff. Maybe the time is ripe. Stay tuned.

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