Monday, July 11, 2011

Bersih 2.0

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I wanted to sit here and type out a long entry on Bersih, but decided against it for two reasons:

1. It isn't my place to run around spouting opinions when I probably don't even know the whole story. Indeed, I never even gave the whole thing much thought until I read tweets from @staronline and retweets of friends of friends who had gone for the rally.

2. What I have to say is probably what every other pro-Bersih person out there is saying.

So, no, no lengthy post. Instead, I will pose some questions.

For example, why would anyone at all be opposed to the idea of clean and fair elections unless they had something to hide? We're a democratic country; you'd have thought fair elections were a given and not something we'd have to fight for. If things were fair, Bersih wouldn't even have had to be started in the first place, would it?

How did a demonstration for fair and clean elections end with tear gas and water cannons? Why was freaking tear gas sprayed into a hospital?! Why were innocent people who were doing nothing but march for a cause they believed in getting sprayed and beaten up and arrested? Friends of friends who are my age got arrested and hurt by the tear gas. Alright, so it was an 'illegal gathering', but why should an organisation that stands for the things that Bersih does have any trouble at all getting a permit?

And why is Bersih being accused of being anti-government? Bersih is, to my knowledge, anti-corruption, so what exactly are these accusers suggesting? Also, why are so many idiots blaming Bersih for the road blocks?! It's the police who set them up, under instruction of the government! Open your eyes, you self-absorbed idiots, and forget about not being able to go shopping for a bit!

I couldn't think of how to end this post, so I shall conclude with a picspam and some videos. Enjoy...or not.

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Amazing lady. She reportedly took a bus from Setapak alone to attend the rally. Four tear gas attacks and one water cannon attack later, here she is still standing. There is a Facebook page in her honour.

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Tienanmen Square, anyone?

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It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration...

P.S. A life was lost that day. Rest in peace, Mr. Baharuddin Ahmad. You must have been a brave soul.

P.P.S. Please watch this. Photos and footage of the hospital being tear gassed and sprayed with water cannons, even though they claimed that it didn't happen. Look at the inefficiency and unnecessary brutality of our police force.

"There was no actual physical contact with demonstrators whatsoever." Really, Mr. Najib? Really? Then why the footage of police beating up civilians? Why the comment from someone being arrested and led away, ""Kita orang dipukul walaupun tak lawan"? Why?


I got a long PM on Facebook from my friend Far, who seems really well-versed in the political world. It helped shine some light on the whole topic for me, as did last week's Malaysian Studies class. Needless to say, my view on the rally has changed a little due to the new information I got. I have to say, though, actually getting valid info is hard -- people have started boycotting the mainstream news media because of their bias towards the government, and it's hard to say whether the media sources in support of Bersih are entirely impartial as well. However, there is something I have learned from this: Unless I get a whole lot smarter in the future, no more posting on hot topics I don't know squat about.


  1. Not at all a fan of politics and most certainly not my place to say anything (let alone to support Bersih or go against it) but the only thing I can say is that the rally wasn't the best idea.

    Some people actually brought their children to the rally! Out of the 1000 people arrested, 16 of them were kids (under 12 years old).

    And that this rally was actually reported by distinguished journalists from Wall Street Journal to CNN, making it seem as if there's this anti-government thing going on. 'tis all.

  2. Anonymous:
    (: ?

    I've read and heard more stuff since writing this post and, yeah, it pretty much did slant to wards anti-government, the rally. :/ Idk la, politics is so convoluted and complicated and confusing. Wasn't the best idea to blog about something I knew and know so little about.