Sunday, May 22, 2011

YouTube and that Asian guy

First things first, there's something you have to understand: It's not often I go around professing my love for an Asian guy. I suffer from a form of anglophilia, except it's not just limited to English people; the minute my friends and family spot someone with fair skin and brown/blonde hair, they starting nudging me and telling me to look. Pretty much everyone who knows me knows about this. It's pretty bad.

It does, however, make waiting for the LRT or monorail a lot less boring. KL Sentral is pretty much Mat Salleh Sentral.

(From Wikipedia.)


A month or so ago, I discovered the joys of YouTube. I stumbled across one of Luanlegacy's videos one day and ended up watching all his videos and loving them. (My personal favourites are the hallway one and the illiteracy one. Be warned, though -- Luan has a pretty potty mouth.) Luan is the sassiest, most pissed-off gay guy ever...and obviously therefore can't be the Asian guy I'm currently mildly obsessed with.

(From here.)

Then I moved on to Nigahiga, who's supposed to be the most subscribed person on YouTube. This guy is pretty damn awesome! Most of his videos are well-thought out sketches, and he even has these little series on his channel. My favourite is Skitzo, where he plays four different people. Shooting must be a bit of a pain for those vids, I bet. Oh, watch his video on Rebecca Black's Friday here -- it doesn't have almost 6.7 million views for nothing! And this one, if you've ever had to deal with a pissy GPS. Ryan Higa -- that's his real name -- is Japanese-American. However, he isn't the one I would like to profess my love for, either.

Ryan with some of his fans.
(From we♥it.)

Alright, I'll cut to the chase. The Asian boy who is currently the unknowing recipient of my love/admiration/adoration is kevjumba. Whoo. Or rather, 'Wu'...Kevin Wu.


I could go on forever about things to like about him, but since I'm pressed for time, a list will have to do.

Reasons why I love Kevjumba (in no particular order)

1. He started JumbaFund and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to various charities.
From the JumbaFund channel page:
As a Youtube partner channel, JumbaFund earns ad revenue every time someone watches a video from this channel. Every two months JumbaFund donates all the revenue earned from Youtube to charity. Just by watching the videos on JumbaFund, you are raising money for the charity of the month!

2. He went to Kenya recently for activist work to teach a bunch of kids.
There hasn't been a video on that yet, but it looked like it went well!
Edit: One video here, but he wasn't exactly teaching...

3. He was on The Amazing Race with his dad.
He was very sweet (on camera, at least) to his dad who couldn't take the physical demands of the race.

4. He doesn't have a Chinese nose.

5. He has a nice voice.
Nigahiga fans, you gotta admit this much: Ryan may look better, but he doesn't sound better than Kevin.

6. He plays Words With Friends!

7. He's tall. For an Asian, at least. Almost six feet!

8. His smile. That's him acting as a gay dancer, too.

By all accounts, he's a really nice person too. Like I said, I could go on forever, but I should stop. Edmund says I like him because 'he speaks like a Caucasian', with his American accent and all, but that should fall under number five. Eight reasons is enough!

One more thing: Go to Google and type in 'is' followed by a space. See the first option on the list?


Kevjumba, the heterosexual bear wrestler. Subscribe, or hear him roar.


  1. ...KEVJUMBA! I F'NG LOVE HIM TOO!!! He's my favourite asian ever. Then there's ryan, I like him too

  2. Kevjumba's awesome. He just hit 2 million subscribers! ;D Ryan is funnier, I think, but Kevjumba ftw!