Thursday, May 19, 2011

JPA update -- for real this time

People keep asking me about this, so let's cut to the chase.

(From Admacs.)


1. Did you get it?
Yes, I got the JPA scholarship.

2. What course did you get?
I got Medicine.

3. So you're taking it?
No, I am not.

4. Why not?
[See answers to numbers 5 and 6.]

5. Where did you get Medic for?

6. Where?!

The proper answer to number 6: AUCMS stands for Allianze University College of Medical Sciences. It's in Kepala Batas in Penang, and no one I know except my mother had ever heard of it before I asked them. (Everyone I asked Googled it. C'mon, guys, it's fine to admit you don't know something!)

The funny thing is, the site said I'd gotten Program Ijazah Satu Tahun. If I'd accepted it, what would've happened is I would've had to do a Certificate of Pre-Medical Studies in AUCMS for a year. Then, using those results, I would've had to apply to AUCMS for Medicine. If I got in, JPA would continue funding my education and daily expenses; if I didn't, I'd be completely screwed, because which other uni would accept a Certificate of Pre-Medical Studies as a valid pre-u certification?

(From the AUCMS website.)

So, no, I'm not accepting it. In any case, I am very happy doing my (widely accepted!) A-levels in MCKL, and I'm glad I won't be leaving yet. I'm not complaining, either -- this other guy who got the same SPM results as I did (8A+ 1A) got the JPA scholarship for Diploma in Science. Sucks for him.

If I did want to complain, though, there would be much to complain about. I've heard a lot of complaining and am so fed-up with the way things are that I've stopped complaining myself.

However, I have to say it's disheartening to know that sometimes, merit alone isn't enough.


  1. actually the one that you get is twning progrmme,

    a year at aucms,

    2.5 years at ireland ( if u pass. and meet all the requirement)

    and another 2.5 years at malaysia

    dont worry, if your result sucks, jpa still sponsor you, but you will be doing mdcine fully in malaysia

  2. Hey there. That's not what the offer letter said, unfortunately. Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (1) Tahun. The degree would've come from UKM, and there was nothing on the AUCMS website about going overseas. Perhaps you mean PMC?

  3. if-i-told-you-u'd-hate-meJune 4, 2011 at 3:30 AM

    nope. you're right, Hui Jan.
    Students from JPA who got AUCMS is for PIDN.
    The twinning program is for MARA students, apparently.
    Continue with your A-levels, then!

  4. Hey there. Ahhh, alright. No wonder a few people were all BUT WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING IT DOESN'T IT SEND YOU TO IRELAND. Thanks. (:

    Why would I hate you? D:

  5. exactly.. no one knows about this place!! my son is rejecting it too!

  6. Ahaha. I heard some people who'd applied for architecture and law actually got this place to do medic instead. My gosh.

  7. if you dont know that means you dont read newspapers..

  8. Let's just say it's not very renowned lah.