Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've been a terrible blogger as of late, and I'm sorry. Life has been packed, even after trials...though I admit I took a day off from the Internet once my papers were over to read Jodi Picoult's House Rules. Since my last post, I have gone for my JPA interview (not as bad as I thought it'd be), dyed my hair 'red' (only noticeable in bright light; being a brunette has its drawbacks), and  gone for my very first PC Fair. Since it's the most recent, it's that last one I'm going to blog about.

The PC Fair is weird. I knew a few people who were geeking out about it, so I guess I should've expected the predominantly male and geeky-looking hoard of people waiting to be allowed into the halls. (I don't mean this in a bad way, the geeky thing; geek is supposed to be cool, after all. But it was a little like being the only non-fan at a Bieber concert.) The scary thing was, these people weren't waiting outside the halls. No, the long, snaking queue began at...the escalators.

Look at the weird look that lady was giving me. The things I go through for my blog!

Once we were actually inside, it really was like being the only non-fan at a concert; we were packed so tightly together that I couldn't help but be reminded of my MCR show in '07. Slowly, the crowd thinned out as people stopped at booths of interest to them.

Some booths had female models handing out flyers or holding up signs and gadgets. All they seemed to be attracting were shutterbugs (male, of course) who didn't even bother asking before standing right in front of them and snapping away. Maybe it was part of their job, but the models gamely posed and smiled for the cameras. I wonder if they got paid extra for their self-restraint -- I would've wanted to ram those huge ass lenses into the faces of their owners so I could go back to doing my job. (It is also possible, however, that the models simply enjoyed having their photo taken.)

The highlight of the PC Fair? My getting my first laptop!

It's a HP Pavilion G4-1009TX, and it is mine!

I now have Skype (since there's a webcam and mic) and a functional Windows Movie Maker. It's Windows 7, so the new version of everything is taking some getting used to. Still. I'm pretty psyched.

PIKOM PC Fair ftw!

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