Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm aware I haven't been blogging as often as I usually do, and I'm sorry. Things have been reeeaaalllllly busy lately, so I shall have to make this an uncharacteristic bullet-point post.

  • My dad's getting me a laptop for my SPM results! We're looking at HP and Acer currently -- HP because of its good track record with practically everyone, and Acer because of this new model that has specs my dad keeps raving about. Any recs, anyone?
  • I finished writing and sent off my IMPAC Dublin Literary Award submission at 2.30 a.m. on the day of the deadline. I was a wreck at college the next morning.
  • I just bought this today at the branded goods sale at SS2 Mall, and I'm scared to try it. It's listed as 'Red'. I have dark hair (with highlights). My hair is supposed to turn a nice chestnut brown with red undertones. If my hair somehow turns light brown, I will cry or something. (It was only RM 17. I couldn't resist!)

Assessment tests are coming up, and I am drowning in Math homework and Chemistry that I don't understand. Wish me luck, guys.


  1. Sweetheart, you want a Mac. Its worth every penny. Tell your dad I said that. =)

    Between Acer and HP, HP is a much better computer. But overall the most important feature is weight. I carry my laptop everywhere and you prob will too in college. But then again, I am not qualified to give consumer recommendations since I own a Dell (being sued for exploding computers) and a Toyota Camry (that doesn't stop).

  2. Butbutbut I'm one of those sweet, conscientious kids who feel bad asking for expensive stuff from their parents! ;O A laptop's good enough, really, I don't need a Mac. Heard it's more for people who're into graphics and the like. (:

    We've been looking at HPs and Acers, and I don't like the keyboards of the HP ones I've seen. ): So it looks like it's gonna be Acer for me. Thanks! :D HAHAHA. WEREN'T YOU THE ONE WHO SAID THE CAMRY'S AWFULLY HARD TO MANEUVER?