Monday, March 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt!

Saturday was MCKL's 8th annual Treasure Hunt, and boy, did I have a blast!

Benji, Zheng Yu, me, and Dhama: We were practically one team instead of two separate ones.
Photo credit: Mr. Reuben

It felt way too early to be up on a Saturday morning, but Dhama and I were too pumped to want to return to slumber once we got to college. The place was swamped with about 700 participants (secondary school kids were participating as well), facilitators, and lecturers, all wearing the white Treasure Hunt T-shirt. It really was a sight to behold, especially since we don't have uniforms in college.

During the briefing at the basketball court.
Photo credit: Mr. Reuben

It's past midnight right now, so I'll skip right to the Treasure Hunt. (There were performances before.) We were given a booklet of clues, and the idea was to find names of places around KL that fit the clues. Some were really clever ('Here, we are revived!' was Renaissance Hotel), some were cute ('Something Jamie Oliver can't tell you.' was Secret Recipe), and some were just...hard ('There was a British Resident here many years ago teaching Chinese.').

The clues were pretty diverse as well -- I remember using an arithmetic progression to solve one, ha. The important thing was to keep your eyes open and think out of the box. Dhama must be good at that, because there was one point on the way to Bukit Nanas where she was really on a roll, getting clue after clue. You go, partner!

My clue book, which was in a pretty sorry state by the time we were done.

When I said 'around KL', I really do mean around KL. We walked, took the LRT, took the Monorail, and walked some more. The KL Monorail and Putra LRT were some of the sponsors of the event -- each of us got a ticket for the LRT and a card for the Monorail, for that day only. We pretty much clogged up the LRT and Monorail when we took them, and because we were all in a hurry, we squeezed as many of us onto the LRT/Monorail as possible. Must've sucked to be one of the other passengers. 

I, with my lousy sense of direction, was a bit worried about getting lost, but luckily, my worries were unfounded -- there were so many of us that all you had to do was follow the crowd. Besides, there were facilitators (lecturers and students who had volunteered) dressed in bright green vests to show us the way.

Mr. Yoshua with his signature scrunched-up face.
Photo credit: Mr. Reuben

This was our route for the Treasure Hunt:
MCKL (start)
KL Sentral
Ampang Park
Bukit Nanas
Bukit Bintang
Berjaya Times Square
Hang Tuah
MCKL (end)

All over KL all right.

Me, Dhama, Benji, and a partially-blocked Zheng Yu somewhere at Hang Tuah.

We got back to college tired and heaving and sweaty, but happy. The Treasure Hunt really had been fun, and we were glad we'd gotten up early for it.

When prize-giving time came, Dhama and I sat there, being all, "Yeah, let's get this over with so we can go home." Honestly, we didn't expect to win anything. But, well, as you've probably already heard or guessed, we did. I didn't hear what place we got because we were laughing too hard.

Us shyly holding our prizes.
Photo credit: Joshua

We won an iPod Shuffle each. Since Dhama, Benji, Zheng Yu, and I were practically a team, Dhama and I decided to sell the iPod Shuffles and split the money between the four of us. Because we're awesome like that.

Photo credit: Dhama

The Treasure Hunt was half a day of awesome. I came home tanner, tired, and still laughing from Team Aurum's (that was our team name) victory. We're definitely doing it again next year...right, Dhama?

P.S. I think the Student Council deserves a mention. I remember as we were running around KL Sentral and Berjaya Times Square, we kept saying, "I wonder how long the Student Council took to plan all this." Everything ran smoothly and was very well planned indeed; we never ran into any problems and we didn't hear of any other team that did. The seniors never fail to impress me -- first with Orientation Camp, and now this. Granted, Orientation Camp was carried out by the old board, but if the Treasure Hunt was any indication, the current board is going to be just as awesome.

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