Monday, March 14, 2011

BRATs Penang 2010

It's been exactly a year since we Penang BRATs first met, and I'm going to commemorate that by a picspam. (Links to my posts on the four-day workshop: day one, day two, day three, day four.)

The sign outside our ballroom in Cititel. Our ballroom.

Getting to know each other on the first day.

Kelvinder Singh, Sean Sing, and Himmat Singh -- the three Sing(h)s.

Beautiful carvings on the walls of a temple.

Crazy cheap food in Penang!

The St. Xavier's Institution marching band. ("Take it away, Saints!")

Karate kids: Sean, Greg, Andrian, and Choong Hou.

Me semi-squatting/Greg being a bully.

Awesome (though sleepy) seniors, Andrian and Greg.

In video-editing mode (Sean, Ken, Pau-Ling, and Keesh) while Ben plays the guitar.

Group picture featuring Sharm!

Things some might have forgotten:
  • "Grandma likes doors, but not windows."
  • "Aiyo ping pong piang, [RANDOM NUMBER]!!!"
  • "OPEN, banana, OPEN, OPEN banana!"
  • Red balls.
  • The wasabi-eating contest in which Tasha pwned everyone.
  • Tumblring on the laptop.
  • Pink prawn-flavoured Pringles.
  • Being continually called lembab/bodoh mampus.

The original Algorithm March:

Our own spontaneous algorithm march on the last day of our workshop:

Oh, the memories.

Today, a few of us met up at Sunway Pyramid. Racist/'yo momma' jokes were told, many a gutterball was thrown, strikes were thrown as well, and fun was had.

Me, Leanne, James, Alex, Angelyn, and Jon.

Claire left early for dance class, but the rest met up with her again after I left. Part of me regrets missing out on the ride in the Emomobile, but oh well. Next time. I like how we met up exactly a year after we first met. Coincidence or not? I have to ask Alex.

BRATs Penang 2010 -- we are awesome.

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