Sunday, February 27, 2011

We had a Ball!

Orientation Ball (OB) was lovely. It was certainly worth all the attire/hair/transport aggro, although I say that about that last one because we were stuck in a jam for only two hours; for Christal, it was about three. Boo you, KL traffic, especially on a rainy day.

When Trishi, Dhama, Shean Yen, Ying Ying, and I finally arrived at the Intercontinental (courtesy of Trishi's dad), I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice everyone looked. Of course, we looked nice as well. Really nice. But looking nice doesn't usually come without preparation.

Getting ready in Trishi's room.
Photo credit: Ying Ying

Anyway, Ali hustled us in, hissing, "You're half an hour late!" We tried to explain about the traffic jam, but being hustled in heels is no mean feat...for people like me, anyway. As it turned out, most people were stuck in the same jam we'd just got out of (poor Trishi's dad), so the doors weren't closed at 6.45 p.m. as they'd told us they would be. Since nothing was going on yet, camwhoring commenced.

Kah Wai was Zorro for the night, and no one knew why.
(Photo credit: Kah Wai)

The cult even had a formation of sorts. See the pattern?
Dhama, Shean Yen (Egyptian goddess), Ying Ying, Trishi (Greek goddess), and me (China doll).
We were intercontinental at the Intercontinental!
(Photo credit: Ying Ying)

The guys at our table, minus Benji: Li Sheng, Daniel, Chris Nge, and Zheng Yu.
This is adorable. They don't usually look so dapper (and awkward).
Photo credit: Dhama

The event started late, so everything was late; by the time dinner was served, Ying Ying sounded like she could've eaten the little vase of flowers that was the centrepiece of our table. Unfortunately for the Student Council, soup was served (and attacked) during the handing over ceremony, so they didn't get the applause they deserved. Pity.

The performances were mostly really good. One of the first few was a lone guy with a guitar, nervously explaining that the girl he was dueting with was stuck in a jam, so he'd have to sing solo. Poor guy! I have no idea why they didn't just swap his place with another performance. His voice wasn't exactly the best, but you gotta admit, the guy has guts. Midway through one of the songs, a bunch of his friends went onstage with him to wave and sing along, which was sweet of them.

The guy who did the no-longer-duet (I think).
Photo credit: Jimmy

Other noteworthy performances were Shaun(both singer and guitarist are named Shaun Thomas, and Shaun Thomas Koshy's in my class), Denise, and Mannequins. Shaundid a medley of songs that included Breaking Bleeding Love, Let's Just Fall In Love Again, and You and I Both. They sounded incredible (Shaun's falsetto is awesome!) but I thought the tempo for You and I Both was a little too fast. Denise sang Think of Me, and as Dhama put it: "She looks and sounds like a Disney princess!" It was beautiful, and I swear I got goosebumps. Mannequins were a troupe of dancers who were so, so good. I don't know nuts about dancing, so I am unable to elaborate.

There was also the crowning of OB King and Queen, Freshie King and Queen, and Best-Dressed Male and Female. Mini interviews were conducted onstage with the nominees, which is always amusing. One OB King nominee got asked "What would you do if you were a girl for a day?". He took some time to think of a reply (or maybe I was just impatient for some food), so I went, "Menstruate." My voice must be louder than I think it is, because even people from the next table turned and laughed. Oops.

I need to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.
Photo credit: Ai Peng

All embarrassment aside, the best part of the night was definitely the dancing. There was an obligatory first slow song for the couples (adorable!), and then dance music came on and everyone went nuts. It was dark, colourful lights were pulsing, people were everywhere, and it was wonderfully insane. Definitely worth the aching feet and calves the next day. Sometime on the dance floor, my hair came out of its lovely updo, but I was having too much fun to care to fix it. Thank goodness Dhama and Ying Ying snapped pictures of it before we left Trishi's house. Look at my hair!

Photo credit: Ying Ying

Photo credit: Dhama

I'll end this post with a few photos because I don't have the words to convey how wonderful OB was. It was a beautiful night with beautiful people, and I am so, so glad we went.

The cult and Ali!
Photo credit: Ying Ying

Teddy/Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift/Megan Fox and me.
Photo credit: Ying Ying

The cult with CA! We prank called him while stuck in the jam. It was hilarious.
Photo credit: Ying Ying

S1101β: Because we're beta than you.
Photo credit: Kah Wai

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot of the cult and Mun Yee.
Photo credit: Ying Ying

The cult. We're pretty damn awesome. ♥


  1. DRIZZLE, you look adorable!

    Also: hurrah for the wordplay in the title.

  2. Youshah! Thankyou! <3 My friends said I looked like a China doll, lolol.


  3. Looks like you had a good time! =D How's college so far? I apologize for my extended absence from the blogosphere, and it's honestly been too long since I last dropped by. It's positively heartwarming to see you doing so well. XD

    I can't help but to draw parallels between this event and my college prom. Everyone looks really awesome and all that right? I hope you guys didn't do the stick 10 people into a hotel room and give them vodka thing.... ;D

  4. College is awesome! Sorry for the uber late reply. Been busy, keep forgetting to check comments.

    Yeah, this is pretty much our prom. (: HAHA NO. I heard some under-agers went clubbing after prom, tho. Hangover everything lolol.