Monday, January 3, 2011

One last time

Today was a good day. Went out for lunch with Sara, Sarah, Trish, and Jaishree; it was a quiet enough affair, and it was nice to have us all together and just talk. The cafe we were at had on HBO which was having a sort of Harry Potter movie marathon, but it was (mostly) forsaken in favour of conversation. Things are never boring when Trish is around, anyway.

Trish, the sista, and me on Sri Aman's IU Day last year.

Today was probably my last time seeing the sista before she takes off to Australia to pwn Perth. I am surprisingly not super-worried -- I think, deep down, I know that she knows how to take care of herself and is gonna be okay. Because she's awesome like that.

Dinner was another farewell, for Satyan this time, who got an AFS scholarship to the US. It was nice as well, although much louder than lunch had been. Tonight reminded me why I like talking to guys: you can throw insults around and talk crap, and everyone just laughs because they know you're not serious. With girls, however, there's always some apologising to be done.

I fail at Paint.

(I have no pictures from either gathering. Ever since my friends started getting into photography, I haven't bothered to get out even my camera phone at meet-ups -- the photos will go up on Facebook, and I will get tagged, so no worries.)

Probably the only reason why I was allowed out for two gatherings today is because college starts tomorrow, which means my social life...dies. I'm actually pretty nervous for college as well as the commute back and forth (forty minutes each time!). I've never been alone on public transport before, and I've obviously never been to college before, so I'm a little bit scared. I mean, yeah, I've been to the campus, but I haven't been to actual college, you know? It's the first day for a number of things for me tomorrow, and I am nervous and excited in equal measures.

If I don't calm down, I'm never going to sleep tonight. Okay. Okay. I'll just throw myself into tomorrow's activities with no expectations whatsoever and come home and write a nice, long blog post about it. Sound good to you?

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