Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy happy birthday!

Today was indeed a fairytale. (Taylor Swift reference.) Every now and then comes a time when I just stop and sit back to think how positively amazing my friends and family are. Today was one of those days.

Before I really get into this post, I'd like to draw your attention to the URL of the page you are now on. That's right, my dad got me a custom domain! By the time you read this post, the DNS should've been updated, so you'll be able to access this blog with the URLs,, and! How cool is that? I feel like freaking Niki Cheong!

Okay, enough of my blogger geekiness. On to (even) more exciting things.

Sze Li held a surprise party for me at the KLCC park! It involved a lot of planning and working behind my back, and a whole lot of lying! Shame on you guys! I'm kidding. You'll all awesome, and I can't thank you enough for today! The food and the song and the games and the surprises and the company -- it was perfectly lovely. Thankyou, Sze Li, Timothy, Sarah, Bob, Madeleine, Jacie, Edmund, Alvyn, Kent, Iis, and Khairul for making my day a memorable one.

Special thanks to Tan Sze Li for freaking planning the whole thing! You're amazing, you know that? Everything was just pretty much perfect! I hope it didn't stress you out too badly! Thankyou so, so much!

Two of my favourite girls ever.
Photo credit: Sze Li (taken by Bob)

The party went well! There were lots of food (holy carp, my friends can cook!) and drinks, more than enough for all of us, and a cake! And, as at every good party, there were games -- mat sallehs were approached and taken photos with, nursery rhymes were sung, embarrassing moments were revealed, guy/guy slow dances were danced...and Bob nearly fell into the pond. Also, people were staring at me because of the 'It's My Birthday Today!' sign hanging around my neck; complete randoms waved at me and called, "Happy birthday!" Good times.

Photo credit: Madeleine

I was going through Madeleine's album just now and laughed so hard my stomach hurt. This is indeed a birthday to remember. Thankyou so much to everyone who came!

Also! Iis and Khairul wrote me a song! Khairul isn't in any of our group pictures because he pretty much came to the park, played the song, had some cake, then had to leave for some band thing after. He came all the way to KLCC to play just that one song! Khairul, when you're this rich and famous musician one day, I'll be sure to tell all my friends this, hee hee. The song was cute -- Iis and Khairul did a really good job!

Photo credit: Madeleine

Something else that made me really happy was Sharona's video for me. She has a cool Aus-trai-lian accent, even if she doesn't seem to think so! She's going to video a cover of a song of my choice, which makes me incredibly happy -- song dedications are always awesome. (Video dedications are even more awesome!)

Besides all that, I got money from my mom and a gold necklace from my Grandad. From my friends at the party, I received two books, a CD, a card, and a heat-sensitive mug that I'm still scared to pour hot water into, lest I end up in hot water myself with the parents (pictures reveal themselves when the mug is filled with hot water). What on earth is on that thing? Oh dear. Only one way to find out, I guess!

Kent, I'm not sure what I'll do if it's all photos of your best camwhore moments...
Photo credit: Madeleine

Today was indeed a fairytale. Thankyou to everyone who made it happen.


  1. Aih.. im still waiting to make my maybank acc so i can get my debit card n do online transaction so can get my own domain.. haha..

  2. Andrian: Ask your parents to pay for you first then pay them back? (;

    Sharona: I love you tooooo. :DDD