Tuesday, January 4, 2011


...was tiring. We pretty much sat for half a day listening to speeches and getting the college song stuck in our heads singing the college song. After lunch was a treasure hunt designed to help us get to know the staff of MCKL as well as the campus.

I don't really know what to say about college. The first day thankfully wasn't as awkward as I thought it'd be. I made some new friends/acquaintances, and they seem like nice people. Someone introduced himself as Jimmy, and I so badly wanted to ask "Do you eat world?" but figured he wouldn't have gotten it.

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For Edexcel A-levels in MCKL, there are tests/qualifying tests/exams every damn month of the year. I'm gonna die. Anyone who knows how all-out I went even for monthly tests in secondary school, I think you'll concur. Lectures start on Wednesday, which is two days from now, and I haven't gotten any books yet (although that will be rectified tomorrow, hopefully).

I quite like the LRT rides to and from college, actually. Time to think and people watch (to college), and rest my tired feet (from college). Harman says it's 'God's given thinking time', and I'm kicking myself for not having looked at it that way sooner. Eternal pessimist, I am. Oh, I went to apply for the RapidPass Pelajar at the Pasar Seni LRT station today. There was a guy who I think is from my college applying as well; the fact that he was with his father and I was alone made me feel slightly proud.

Tomorrow, we're getting assigned classes, which I'm looking forward to -- smaller groups are less intimidating and easier to mingle with, I think. I'm gonna be with these people for a year and a half, so I hope I make some good friends.

Tomorrow: Books, classes, short day. Looking forward to it.

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