Thursday, January 13, 2011

College kid

College has been keeping me on my toes. It's finally sunk in that I really do have to read stuff before class in order to understand anything at all, and this semester's Moral Studies project sounds...I don't know, scary? 'Intimidating', then. In secondary school, our idea of a project was to sit at the computer and put something together using MS Word and Excel. Now we have stuff to choose from, and even the easiest option (which is hard to pick out in the first place) sounds hard. It's not even anything specific, which I guess is good, but there's always the danger of having done a whole ton of stuff before realising you're off topic, so to speak.

Classes are a bit weird for me as well. The egocentric, super-nerdy part of me dearly misses being the only one able to correctly answer the teacher's questions, particularly in Bio. Truth be told, my self esteem has taken a beating (that it probably somewhat deserved). When I moved on from primary school into secondary school, I realised I wasn't such a Hermione; now that I'm in college, I realise I'm not a Hermione at all, compared to all the demoralisingly intelligent people out there.

Since starting classes with my Maths lecturer, I began fully appreciating how awesome Mr. Elvin was. He was an awesome teacher, but what was even more awesome was his 'do schoolwork, not homework' stand. My lecturer gives us homework every time we see her, Monday to Thursday (TGIF indeed). On the other hand, I think I shouldn't be complaining since I've heard that the other Maths lecturer makes their students do every question in the book. Is that even possible?! I'm struggling to keep on top of my Maths homework as it is!

Right, on the plus side: Trishi and Dhama have joined MCKL as well, so I'm not alone! Dhama and I don't take Physics, so we skip off gleefully as our classmates trudge off for their class. Most of the time, Physics classes are at the end of the day too, so we actually get to leave early. Such glee!

Tomorrow is Friday. Chem lecture's been cancelled, so classes start at nine. Due to transport issues, Dhama, Trishi, and I still have to get there at the usual time: eight. However, since Dhama and I don't take Physics (HEE HEE HEE), we leave campus at ten (HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE). This means our travel time is longer than the time we'll be in class, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Oh, school. I don't miss you at all.

It occurred to me to do a College vs. School post, but it would've been pointless -- college pwns school times a million. I shall leave you with these words of wisdom a senior one day spoke to me:

"Real life starts after secondary school."

True dat. True dat.


  1. DRIZZLE. Your post is killing me :(

    It's only been the second week & half my form's down with a fever from all the stress.

    Haiyoooooo. But glad to see you're enjoying yourself at college :)

  2. Whaaat. Why is the stress starting so early in the year? D: Now's the time for events and stuff! Oh. Or is that what's causing the stress? I hope YOU'RE not down with a fever! D: Drink lotsa water and take your vitamins!!

    Aww, thanks. You will too! Make the most outta your last year and come join the college world! ;D you have any idea where you'll be going yet? (:

    Make sure you take care of yourself, Youshah. D: don't fall sick! <3