Friday, December 10, 2010


When I was fifteen, before my PMR, my mom said she'd pay for me to have my hair coloured at this hair salon after my SPM. Even back then, I'd wanted red streaks. It'd seemed so far away at the time, but look, I've done it!

Those sunglasses? I picked them out myself when I was ten.
I was a cool kid. Blast from the past!

I posted a picture of my new hair and me on Facebook, and people were so shocked. I was amused at first, but as the numbers increased, I grew curious. Why on earth was everyone so surprised? Some were bordering on horrified, even, that I'd highlighted my hair. I'd wanted this for the longest time; what was all the fuss about? I brought this up with my mom and sister, and my sister went, "Well. You're kind of...square, you know."

Taking a step back and trying to look at myself from their point of view made me smile. Of course, silly me -- in school, I'd been (DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PLEASURE IT GIVES ME TO BE USING PAST TENSE HERE?) this stiff-backed, straight As prefect, the Discipline Officer. I paid attention in class, didn't litter, and never cheated in a test or exam (which cannot be said for the vast majority of my friends). I was a huge goody two shoes, and people always looked terribly shocked when they heard me swearing.

I swear. I do. I try my very best not to here, though.

Anyway. I guess there's a kind of irony in the fact that I, who used to catch people with coloured hair, went out and coloured my own hair. I have always wanted red in my hair, especially after seeing Jared Leto for the first time in the From Yesterday video:

So, yes, I do see the irony in this, but what you have to realise is it isn't hypocritical of me in the least, as some people have implied. This is because: a) I waited till I was out of Samad and no longer bound by its rules, and b) I am no longer a prefect, dumbass. As a former prefect, I can actually name a fair few prefects who were big, stinkin' hypocrites themselves; I choose not to, however, even though I probably won't (and fervently hope not to) see them again. Besides, that would be bitchy to the point of no return. I am not Gossip Girl, and I disapprove of anonymous bashing.

That is all.


  1. Pfft, it's not hypocritical to dye your hair. It's rather awesome in fact. I love your hair! (:

  2. Thankyou! I do love yours too. :D