Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Almost all my ex-schoolmates are at prom. I, obviously, am not. I have my reasons for this, but don't want to take a dump on anyone's heads right now. A confession I have is that I'm still sore about everything, and there are some people I would love not to have to see or hear from again.

But, you know, life goes on and all that. Prom goes on. No big deal, right?

Have fun, guys. I'm not there, but it doesn't matter. Have fun. Take lots of photos and post them on Facebook; I will doubtless go through all of them with feelings of mingled resentment and regret. Go do your thing. Hope everything doesn't come crashing down around your collective ears.

This is super-mature of me, I know. Okay, okay. I really do mean this now, guys:

Have fun. (: