Thursday, December 9, 2010

Forget you, SPM!

(From Hypetrak.)

(A/N: If you don't get the title of this blog post, you needed to hear this song yesterday.)

SPM ended today for me! (Well, yesterday, since it's past midnight.) To be honest, it's sort of anticlimactic -- I expected to feel a whole lot happier, but all I feel is relief and tiredness. On the bright side, the tension has finally left my shoulders so they can actually relax again. It's a nice feeling. I almost feel...lighter. Spent a few hours lying in bed in the dark listening to music because I could.

To say that it's been three weeks of stress would be inaccurate. The stress set in during midterms, intensified during trials, and peaked during the SPM itself. Even I have lost track of the number of times and people who've had to tell me to calm down throughout the duration of SPM; the pressure was omnipresent. It's so strange to be bumming around on the Internet now without having to firmly tell myself to make up for the lost studying time later. I certainly could get used to it, though!

My galactic war is over!

The papers themselves were fairly okay. I mean, some were absolute [vulgar term for anal sex], yeah -- Mod Maths 1 and Bio 3 come to mind. Some say Sejarah as well, but those were the people who were depending heavily on spotted topics, which were mostly wrong. After a couple of rounds of exams with 'tips', I know some people who were kind of running around like chickens without heads at the prospect of actually studying the entire syllabus. Which I really didn't get, because shouldn't everyone have gone through everything a few times before the SPM?

I think I pretty much did all I could for this thing. Most of my model paper books are untouched because a) I went on a crazy buying spree one 'ohmygoshSPMiscoming' day, and b) I decided flipping through everything to refresh my memory would be far more worth my time. The books aren't wasted, though, worry not -- they're being dumped on my sister who's sitting her SPM next year. There used to be a layer of books and papers covering my desk. On the second last day of SPM, when I removed my Chem books, I could finally, finally see the surface of my desk again. Never before has the colour brown made me so stupidly happy.

I didn't even get through half of these! Pencil there to show relative height.

Alright, it's 2 a.m. and I'm way too tired to elaborate on some points I have in mind. Lists it is, then.

1. Good luck SMSes. All twenty-one of which I'm still keeping.
2. Twitter. Always good to know you're not the only fool awake at half past one in the morning cramming.
3. @CHNG4SPM. Megan is awesome.
4. Family being incredibly accommodating and tolerant of my scary stressed self. (This would be number one on this list if I were doing this in order.)
5. Jacie's spades. ♠

1. Throat infection aka visit to the clinic the night before Sejarah.
2. Secondary infection aka visit to the hospital the day before Physics.
3. Constant talk about prom. I have a lot to say about this, but not now. Maybe not here, either.

I may or may not post my thoughts on prom (which I won't be attending).The post would probably be provocative and maybe a little bit bitchy...but that's just how I roll.

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