Monday, December 20, 2010


One day, to my utter amusement, my mom brought up the subject of dating with my dad and me.

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In order for you to understand why I was amused, there's something you should know about my dad. The first (and only) time a guy called the house and asked for me, he was...bordering on hostile to him, asking for his full name before asking him to hold and grumpily going, "JAN, YOU GOT BOYS CALLING FOR YOU NOW." In all fairness, it was pretty late at night, but it was kind of an emergency. It never happened again, though, seeing as how I warned all guy friends to call my handphone if ever they needed to reach me.

Mention anything about my sister and me dating, or having boyfriends, or *cough* running off with a mat salleh husband *cough*, and my dad gets pretty hot under the collar. It is very amusing to watch, and we bring it up as a joke every now and then to tease him. This time, however, my mom was serious.

"She's almost eighteen, you know. It's about time she started dating and all that!" she pointed out. My grin widened when I realised she wasn't joking. My dad looked grumpy and grunted.

It never really crossed my mind, honestly. When I thought of the future, I just thought of universities and all that. Of course, universities in Australia and the UK and all that mean mat salleh guys, but I was mainly despairing about the price and length of time it'd take to obtain my degree.

The idea of dating isn't foreign or anything. It's just, it's something I associate with some of my friends, not me. I chose to remain single throughout secondary school, because I believed anything that came up at that point wouldn't last very long -- I'd seen much proof of that. Very few people would admit it, but when you're that age, nothing has solidified yet -- not your personality, not your likes nor dislikes, not your friendships. Nothing. Every single one of my friends' relationships ended messily or left things really awkward. I wanted nothing to do with all that.

Now, I'm almost eighteen, and have more or less received my mom's blessing to start, well, dating. (I don't know about my dad, though.) I really don't know why I find this so amusing, but I do. I guess, without realising it, I got old enough to cross the border from NO BOYFRIENDS to YES GO START DATING -- at least, in my mom's head.

(From LayoutSparks.)

I wonder when I'll cross that border in my head.


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  2. Sucks a bit when they see their kids as the battle that needs fighting, though. Loljk. :P

    My dad is awesome. And so is my mom. (: