Friday, October 8, 2010

No more tears/trials

So the trials are over -- yet another Form Five milestone that we've passed, which is scary and exciting to think about. Next up are the real thing (SPM) and prom (which I won't be going for), and then we'll be out of school. Hooray.

5 Adil '10 with Mr. Johari superimposed on the side because Pn. Norhaliza's no longer our class teacher.

Good part of trials:
Getting to rhapsodise about the wonders of Facebook a la Niki Cheong in English Paper 2. The essay question I'd picked (it seemed like the obvious choice) was 'Facebook as a social network: good or bad?'. Also, one other option I'd been considering was 'Fire', if only because it made me think of Jacie and that novel she loves. For BM, our rumusan (summary) was 'Faedah memblog kepada remaja' ('The benefits of blogging among teens'). The Education Ministry's getting modern, yo!

Bad part of trials:
Everything else, kthxbai. Crazy mad studying from the 23rd of September to the 7th of October, with only breaks for basic human processes (with 'sleep' being replaced by 'naps', because four hours of unconsciousness a night does not qualify as 'sleep' in my books)...and study-tweeting. No, really. Here's a screencap of my typical past-midnight profile (click to enlarge):

Thankyou, Megan and Trish, for all the good times. Especially you, Megan, for the one-subject-per-day tweetspams. You guys are awesome. It will begin again in the days leading up to the SPM, yes?

Now that trials are over (AND I HAVE A FOUR-DAY WEEKEND ON MY HANDS, HEE HEE), I'm looking at college applications and scholarships and stuff. If anyone knows anything about Methodist College, hit me up, please. Looks like I'm going to be going there, never mind the fact that my friends give me horrified wtf-is-that looks when I mention the place. It's gonna be a fresh start for me, which is, again, exciting and scary at the same time.

Sometimes, I think, I need to kick myself out of my comfort zone just to see what happens.

There are so many things I want to do and so much I want to be. I'm nowhere near halfway there yet.

P.S. Just 'cause I think everyone needs to see this:


  1. Eeeeeeeeeh, congrats! Good luck! I love your study techniques xD

    Enjoy your break! (:

  2. Thankyou! Haha, it's like I developed ADD from the constant Fb+Twittering, so I decided to use it to my advantage. ;D