Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bands of Brothers

Question: What do My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Jonas Brothers, Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Oasis, Kings of Leon, Jackson 5, Good Charlotte, and Jet have in common? (The JoBros and Jackson 5 are in there, so you can't say they're all rock bands, ha.)

This took forever to make, jsyk.

Don't know? Have some clues, then:

They all have brothers in them!

I started making a list in my head today after drawing this parallel between MCR and 30STM, my two favourite bands. Okay, fine, to be honest, I didn't quite come up with all of these -- Gigwise lent a helping hand. These aren't all of them, even, though! Click the link for more!

I wonder how it affects the dynamics of the band. My sister and I don't get along at all; if you stuck the two of us in a tourbus for months on end, things would get ugly pretty fast. I guess that's what happened with Oasis, though they lasted for an admirable length of time before Noel left. The thing is, they're only one band out of how many bands with brothers in them? The rest seem to be doing just fine...for now, at least.

These brothers have to be really close, I suppose, in order not to let their differences get between them whilst making and playing music. If you'll notice, most of these bands are rock bands that play their own instruments. There's a high possibility that brothers were recruited as a 'we need a [insert position in band here], you play the [insert relevant instrument here], get in here' kind of thing. This was the case with MCR; Mikey barely knew how to play his bass when he was recruited.

I wonder if sibling rivalry exists in bands. Is it even still there after a certain age? What happens when fights break out? Would fans feel the difference at the shows?

Complicated stuff.

I'm glad for bands with brothers in them, though. MCR and 30STM are love.


  1. youve forgotten about the brotherly hate that oasis always have, that lead to their breakup i see

  2. They did seem to hate each other a lot, yeah, but you've got to hand it to them for hanging on as long as they did! Couldn't have been easy at all.