Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It has come to my attention that some of you doinks have not properly gone through your schedule from the Ministry. It isn't just the SPM schedule in there -- the booklet also lists some rules to be followed in the SPM. I shall now translate Part 4 (ARAHAN TENTANG KERTAS JAWAPAN DAN SKRIP JAWAPAN PEPERIKSAAN) into simple English for easy reading.


4.1 Make sure the answer script you receive corresponds with the subject you are sitting. If it doesn't, raise one hell of a stinker with the Head Invigilator.

4.2 Write your Index Number, IC Number, Subject of Papers, Code of Papers, and Question Numbers in the spaces provided in question papers and answer scripts such as answering booklets, additional papers, maps, graphs, art block, etc. so that you aren't completely screwed if, say, you don't tie your additional papers together properly and they get lost in a sea of answer scripts.

4.3 You are to use black or blue ballpoint pens when answering. Pencils or ballpoint pens of other colours may be used to draw diagrams or maps. IN YOUR FACE, PILOT G2 FANGIRLS AND FANBOYS.

4.4 Use both sides of pages of answering scripts and additional papers. Be eco-friendly. However, start a fresh page for each question so as not to give the markers headaches.

4.5 Remember to write your question number. Copying the question down isn't necessary and a stupid thing to do.

4.6 Write all your answers in our national language...except for the English paper. (The following concerns Science stream students.) And the Biology one. And the Physics one. And the Chemistry one as well. Oh, and the Mathematics and Additional Mathematics ones as well, if they want answers in words. I am so thankful to be in the Science stream.

4.7 Make sure your Index Number, IC Number, Subject of Papers, Code of Papers, and Question Numbers are correctly filled in in your answer scripts, additional papers, maps, graphs, art block, etc. when you're told to stop writing. Ho Hui Jan does not want Ho Jui Han getting her hard-earned marks.

4.8 Make sure your additional papers are arranged in order before tying them to your answer scripts. Wrong order = grumpy marker = low marks.

4.9 Remain seated in your designated seat when answer scripts or closed examination papers are being collected by the invigilators. They don't want you making a run for it too early.

So there you have it. I hope this helped. Time to knuckle down and saddle up, guys.

Let's do this sheet.


  1. THANKS, Ho Jui Han
    -from a lost-child who didn't read the instructions YET.

  2. Hahaha. Nice one (Y) and hey, all the best once again! :D

  3. Kent:
    Stupid girr! :P

    Hey! Thanks so much! :D