Saturday, October 30, 2010

Additional Mathematics

Form Five Add Maths students, this is for you.

I stumbled upon this video whilst doing research for our Add Maths calculus project in the middle of the year (which my group named 'From Cal-clueless to Calculus' -- thanks for the name idea, Papa!), and laughed till I cried. It is entirely possible that I found it hilarious mainly because I was stressed and upset and badly in need of a laugh, but it's still pretty funny when you're none of the above...although I don't imagine how you could possibly be, with SPM looming so near. Cough.

Anyway, here be the lulz:

The lyrics and dancing guy in orange are win.

Also, a comic strip that...isn't as hilarious as it would be if you were in the middle of trials which would be used as your freaking forecast results for freaking scholarships to freaking colleges omfg. (Yeah, I guess I'm starting to feel it now.)

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