Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stranger and stranger

Have you ever blog-hopped, clicking on links of blogs of friends of friends?

(From eHow.)

You hop and you hop, and you finally come across a blog worth reading -- something intelligent and eloquent, usually with a bright, colourful background. You sit and read and click 'Older Entries' again and again (it's almost like turning back the pages of their diary) because you are intrigued by them and their lives and their intelligence. You love how honest and raw some of the entries are, and you can't help but notice how they still manage to sound so darn intelligent even in the middle of a mindless ramble. After an hour or so (depending on how old the blog is), you finally kick yourself and force yourself to shut the window because you have other, probably better things to do.

Then, later, your mind goes back to that blog, and that person, and you suddenly really wish you were friends with them. The both of you share similar interests and are fairly intelligent (them more than you, probably), and you would love to have long conversations with them because their way of thinking differs so much from yours and you want to understand it, and them. You realise that the two of you may not necessarily hit it off, but conversations can always be carried over the Internet, which makes things less awkward for a conversation between two people who didn't really hit it off at first.

(Social media ftw.)

Then you realise a person like them would probably not want to have anything to do with a person like you, because they're so smart and capable and driven that you would be far too boring for them to waste time talking to. And then you sadface.

You know, I bet all of us think that we're doing just dandy in life until we chance upon someone (or someones, even) of the same age and form and gender who is/are far more mature and intelligent and sociable and popular and pretty/handsome than we are, and just miles ahead of us, so much that we don't see how we could possibly catch up.

You know what we should do then? We should knock ourselves on the head and remind ourselves that our self-esteem does not deserve the beating we are giving it.

Then we should go back to studying Sejarah.

(From the HES Amsterdam blog.)

Trials in a week, everyone. This blog will be updated rarely, if at all. Thankyou for understanding.

Wish me luck!

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