Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crocs Warehouse Sale


Something you may or may not know about me is that I love sales. I absolutely adore them. The thought that I'm paying half price for something someone paid full price for a little while back makes me extremely gleeful -- delayed gratification and all that, and I usually end up being extremely gratified. I've gotten a Cotton On cardigan for RM 15, BUM equipment jeans for RM 60, a Padini tank top for RM 12... All fractions of their original prices!

So you may be able to understand why I get all in a tizzy over any sort of big sale. Like, say, this Crocs one.

You're going to laugh at me, but I did some research on the sale. There was info on the Crocs Malaysia Facebook page, and that was where I found out they got bloggers to help with promotion. No wonder Jessica blogged about it, with pictures of the empty warehouse and everything! And guess what? They made a video too! (Go social media!)

It was a breeze for me to check out the models on sale, as well as the price range. Of course, I checked out the original prices too to make sure this isn't some sad 20%-off-only-for-all-the-not-ugly-pairs sale (you'll be happy to know that it isn't). Primed and ready, with some models to look out for in mind, I waited eagerly for today to come.

Just so you know, the warehouse sale isn't at the Crocs shop on the ground floor, seeing as how the small space hardly qualifies as a warehouse. It's actually two floors up, next to the All IT Hypermarket. As my mother, my sister, and I made our way there, a lady hefting a plastic bag with quite a number of pairs of Crocs in it passed us; we threw each other strickened looks and quickened our pace. It had only been half an hour since it'd opened that day!

There was a line outside, where people waited for security to tie their bags with those plastic ties. We got in, and shuffled our way around the large space -- it was that packed -- craning our necks to look at the shoes.

I thought the range was not bad. Looking at the size of the place, I'd expected more, but had forgotten that there were sections for kids and men too. (Crocs for kids is ridiculous, if you ask me. They're crazy expensive, and how fast do kids grow again? What is the point?) Anyway, we each got a pair of Crocs. These are mine:

Sassari at RM 80. They look less like an Aibo in real life, promise. 

I'm not ecstatic about the colour, but the only other option was brown, which looked horrible.

Originally, I'd wanted these (colour combination!), but couldn't decide between the two, and these cost RM 20 more:

Cyprus at RM 100. I still think they're pretty, if a bit clunky-looking.

I didn't see the Rio nor the Hanalei there, though. Sadface.

My mother and sister both got the Trailbreak at RM 100:

They look super cool la. Almost exactly like my sister's current pair of Lee Coopers, just that these have holes.

Just to show you how kiasu I am, I dragged my sister over to the Crocs store after to be sure of how much we saved. Which was quite a bit. Hee hee.

If you've always wanted a pair of Crocs but haven't the heart (nor the pocket money/salary) to dish out RM 200+, this warehouse sale's for you. Everything's going at RM 30 - RM 100, but the RM 30 - RM60 Crocs are the kids' range, so don't get too excited. Unless you're five or six, the starting price for Crocs you'll be able to wear is about RM 60.

The sale's still on for two more days (today and tomorrow), so it's not too late! Go have a look-see if you're in the area, and if you're not, get yourself in the area. There are savings to be made!

P.S. I drove us to Ikano. Ehehe, I am feeling rather accomplished.