Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Every year, when Ramadhan rolls around, I am filled with deep sympathy for my Muslim friends.

Whether or not they are religious, all Muslims have to fast (that is, refrain from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk) for one month. When I asked them how they do it, I was told that not eating wasn't an issue; rather, it was the not drinking, especially with our hot Malaysian weather.

One day, I decided to give it a try. That had been pretty epic fail, since I pretty much slept the entire day away. It wasn't counted, I told myself, seeing as how you're supposed to go about your daily life as per normal while you're fasting. One day, I would try again.

That day was today.

I got up at 5.30 a.m., forced food down my throat (how can anyone eat so early in the morning?!) and chugged down water. Then I lay in bed, watching the walls of my bedroom grow lighter as the sun rose, praying that I'd be able to make it through the day.

The day went by just fine, actually. It was like what my friends had said: "If you don't think about it, it's fine." The only sleep I'd gotten had been a ten-minute nap, too! And it wasn't like I was dying when the time to buka came.

So I did it. I puasa-ed for real, and I did not:
a) die,
b) collapse, or
c) give up.

Might I remind you, I did not have a religious reason for doing this. It was purely just for kicks, and some people thought me insane.

But whatever. This might sound awful, but I am quite pleased with myself.


  1. the mental conditioning helps, along with the preparation from young and also a bit(?) of peer pressure

  2. I see. One friend of mine started when he was seven -- whole day! Oh, I never thought of peer pressure. I guess it's like 'if they can do it, so can I'?