Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovely Day

There is no school today. I got up at eight thirty after a blissful nine-hour sleep to a breakfast of sausages and scrambled eggs. Then I hopped on the computer, having not touched it since Sunday. Owl City has a long, lovely blog update that made me think, and I had to smile at the poem on Jacie's blog -- such is the beauty of words, when rendered correctly.

The house is quiet and peaceful, and life is wonderful.

Last night, my Grandad came over; it was so nice to finally see him again. I love sitting and listening to him talk about anything related to the medical field. (We're the only family I know that sits around discussing gruesome things right before, after, or even during a meal.) I take in what he says, and I try to absorb, and I tell myself that I'm going to be like him one day -- I'll be able to talk openly and plainly about squirm-inducing surgical procedures, I'll mentally scoop up symptoms and come up with a probable diagnosis, I'll use those weird acronyms that none but doctors are familiar with.

I will be a doctor when I grow up, and I can't wait.

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