Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Here's something you ought to know about me: When I decide that I like something, I get borderline obsessed.

Take Inception, the most recent example. I really got into the movie when watching it -- the whole time in the cinema, my hands were either clenched or covering part of my face in shock/awe/anticipation. The minute it ended, I began yipping ('yipping' rather than 'yapping' since my voice was at a rather higher pitch than normal) about theories and the ending and, well, the movie in general. My friends were half-amused, half-exasperated.

(Screenshot from this Tumblr.)

A cuter (animated) version would be:

When I got home, I Wiki'd it and blogged about it. I also looked for it on Wikiquote. Also, I am now semi-hooked on Inception fanfiction. The only drawback to that is I don't think I could attempt writing any, because Inception itself is an intelligent film and fanfiction, its spawn, has to be intelligent as well, if not it wouldn't do the movie justice. I've read some truly awesome ones, in which the authors take ideas from the movie and build on them themselves. That requires a) a keen mind, b) a whole lot of creativity, and, c) time, all of which I am not sure I possess at the moment.

(From this Tumblr.)

Sorry, did I say 'borderline obsessed'? I meant-- Yeah. You know.

In a sad attempt to get my mind off Inception (EVEN THE WORD 'MIND' MAKES ME THINK OF INCEPTION NOW. 'YOUR MIND IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME'.), here is a list of other stuff I have previously obsessed over:

1. My Chemical Romance
2. Pokemon
3. Dogs
4. American Idol (Season 7)
5. Power Rangers
6. Simple Plan
7. Thirty Seconds to Mars
8. Neopets
9. Glee
10. We Will Rock You the musical

Please understand that the list is not in chronological order. I assure you that Power Rangers didn't actually come after American Idol (Season 7). I was itching to put Inception in there, even though that would have defeated the purpose of the list. Guess it didn't help at all, then.

Somebody kick me.

(From this Tumblr.)

Lord help me, I'm obsessed.

P.S. You guys should be glad I'm not doing the 30-day Inception meme I found!


  1. I'm the same! As soon as I finish most of an episode of Buffy/Glee/Skins, it's onto Wikipedia to read the synopsis, production details, reviews, everything...haha. And I agree with 1, 2, and 9 on your obsessive list. Meep.

    I'm watching Inception soon hopefully (:

  2. Ahah, I bet you'd be interested in production! :D Yes. Wikipedia is the shizz. <3 HEE HEE ALL THE COOL KIDS WERE OBSESSED WITH POKEMON AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES.

    Yay! I hope I'm not, like, building it up too much for you or something! D:

  3. Heh. It is quite interesting though.

    I'm pretty sure it's impossible to build it up too much, considering that everyone else has already done that...xD

  4. Ha! Good. So if it doesn't meet your highly built up expectations, it's only partially my fault. :P