Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reading material

Sorry for the scarcity of updates. Been a busy girl lately. Monday's the tea party for the shortlisted participants of the Sunway University College "My Success, My Dreams" creative blogging competition. It's at 3.00 p.m., and school ends at 2.30 p.m. Guess who's going to be late?

Btw, you can still vote for me in the blogging competition every day till the 30th of July! (I should probably learn how to hint more subtly, shouldn't I?)

Anyway, since there isn't much to read here, I figured I could provide you with a list of blogs I frequent and think are worth your time. Here are, in no particular order (except maybe the first), my favourite blogs in the whole world (wide web)!

1. Owl City
Adam Young of Owl City blogs fairly often, since he's not on tour right now. I love the way he writes and the way he phrases things. Please read Legumes, Weddings and the Cowboy State and LOL. Adam is pretty amazing.

2. What's Life Without Laughter?
Jian Shen is my friend Jian Xin's brother. I don't think I've ever spoken to him, but I do love his blog. It's so random, and funny, in a lame way.

3. Journal of a Jacie
It might be a better read if you knew her personally, but it's worth a read anyway. Jacie writes well and sometimes posts stuff that made her think, and makes you think as well. Also, she posted that she loves me, which is awesome, since I love her too.

4. Ashes to Flames
Bob! His real name's Amirul Shakir, but I honestly don't know anyone who actually calls him that. His posts are nice and long, and sometimes thought-provoking too. Extra points for the 'JACIE NAGS' and 'HUI JAN NAGS TOO' tags.

Photos were all taken from the respective blogs.

I have to go now. There's a (district-level?) Chemisty quiz tomorrow that I have to study for. Happy reading!

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