Saturday, July 17, 2010

Psychoanalyse me

Found this picture (it was actually one big one, but I split the images up) on Tumblr. Why don't you try it and see what you see?

Two mice kissing  |  Two bears sitting on balls doing a rain dance  |  A samurai heart shape |  Dark clouds raining watermelon seeds on the lower half of a person who is seemingly unstable because of the pair of hands waiting to catch them

Scary jester with protruding tongue  |  A moth resting on the head of a fox  |  Two girls plucking a flower  |  Two storks in tattered cloaks promoting the casket between them

A stick figure angel  |  Huge man stuck in a tank Alice In Wonderland-style asking for a hug  |  Two posts with an explosion in the background  |  Billowing smoke and shrapnel

Scary painted face dribbling blood  |  Two stones hitting their respective tambourines against each other's quite near the ground  |  A pair of goggles with antenna  |  Weird mental telepathy between two ants that just finished a meal of blueberries

A man's exposed chest in the shape of the Superman logo  |  Bottom view of a gecko on its hind legs doing the Macarena  |  A skull with sticks stuck in it attempting to hide behind a bone  |  Scary The Scream-esque ghoul


  1. Yes Hui Jan, if you are keen to publish you can. Just need a 'clean' manuscript. This means you need a good piece of work (plus with as few grammatical errors as possible) before you submit it to the editor/publisher for considerations. Keep up the good work.

    019 3583043

  2. Hi, Rodney! Yes, that's something I am definitely keen on doing. I read an article in the Quill some time ago about getting published, and I certainly don't envy whoever has to sort through the pile of manuscripts. Thanks for the advice! Defnitely keeping this in mind.