Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul the octopus

I am not a fan of football -- never have been, probably never will be. However, since I am on Twitter and Facebook (and read Jacie's blog), I am subjected to real-time commentary on ongoing matches as well as their results. I suppose it's a good thing to be in the know, since football is the best conversation-starter there is right now. Since even I, who have minimal knowledge about football, know who beat whom last night and all that jazz, I am shocked that some people don't know about Paul the Octopus.

People (living under a rock), meet Paul.

The England-born octopus currently resides in an aquarium in Germany, and is the only cephalopod I know of that has received death threats. Some bored soul decided to let him try his luck at predicting winners of football matches involving Germany back in 2008 and realised with much delight that Paul is scarily accurate. To date, Paul has only wrongly predicted one wrong match out of twelve.

His last prediction was accurate -- Spain beat Germany, 1-0. This makes me a bit worried, as burly German men under the influence of German beer might feel inclined to make German sushi out of Paul. I mean, German sushi sounds terrible. I hope the caretakers of the aquarium take the necessary measures to ensure Paul's safety. 

Oh, in case you were wondering -- the octopus is not related to Paul McCartney in any way.

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