Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cat(fight)s and leeches

I have done a lot of things that I did not want to but needed to be done. The past week or two has been chock-full of instances like those, so I am glad it is nearing the weekend; mentally and emotionally, I am exhausted. Today was a particularly roller-coaster day, and I am currently in rather low spirits, even with this:

Hallelujah indeed! God has different plans for me.

Back to my tale of woe.

I logged in to Facebook tonight to see this on my news feed:
(Warning: Profanity with a capital 'p' ahead.)

My goodness. It started out as a relatively minor catfight until people started taking sides. You should have seen the 'confrontation'-cum-fight that took place, something that should have been done in private between only the two girls involved. I was only half-joking when I told one of the, uh, 'supporters' I was there to make sure they didn't kill each other.

I'm not taking sides. I think this whole thing is absurdly stupid, and that it got blown way out of proportion. And now Team A and Team B (you know, like Team Edward and Team Jacob) are surfacing and rearing their ugly heads, and there is so much hate everywhere it's crazy. I hate hate, especially when it's utterly unnecessary, like in this instance. If people would just mind their own damn business, and I mean everyone, even the 'supporters', things would not be half as bad as they are now.

This is a leech. So are bystanders who scramble to take sides in a fight that has nothing to do with them.

So yeah, I'm annoyed, maybe even a bit mad at the prefects. But what I mostly am is disappointed. I expected better from...everyone, really. Is a little bit of maturity really too much to ask for? While I realise it might be instinct to some to stick up for their friends regardless of the situation, I believe you sometimes have to sit back and look at everything as a whole. This whole thing is certainly not worth the aggro it's causing.

What's even worse is the two involved (yeah, the ones actually involved, not talking about the numerous bystanders/leeches) used to be great friends. They seemed to truly enjoy each other's company and like each other a lot. I think it's sad that something like this has forced them to...this.

Sigh. This is such a teenage thing, isn't it?

I can't wait to get out of school and away from all this.

Edit: Read Bob's blog post on this issue. I wholeheartedly agree with it.


  1. Girls are scary =S
    and I has a blog. Couldn't stop talking to you xoxo

  2. We are indeed. :/
    I've been trying to view your profile for ages, but it says that I'm unable to or something. D: Wait.
    'Kay, I just tried again, and I'm in. I C U NAO. Comment spam, hee hee. <3

  3. i didn't even know about it haha =D