Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blogger update: Insert a video

Remember this post in which I noted the absence of an Upload Video button in Blogger's new Post Editor toolbar? Well, the 'Insert a video' button is finally here!

This new, handy little button should make vloggers on Blogger (a tongue-twister if I ever heard one) a very happy bunch. So the new Post Editor's been brought up to par, and I probably couldn't ask for more. However, I'm sure Blogger will come up with even more nifty gadgets that I would never have thought of to make blogging a pleasure rather than a chore.

(I actually have a little something up my sleeve that I was intending to upload on Facebook. I'll probably upload it on here as well. It's a first-time attempt at video editing, so be nice, please!)

Anyway, I must say that with the new Post Editor, inserting links and uploading pictures are much easier now. Makes me wonder why I stuck with the old Post Editor for so long. I can't wait to see what other useful things Blogger comes up with.

Blogger ftw

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