Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This one's for the guys

At lunch yesterday, my Grandad was talking about how male members of the animal kingdom attract females for mating. "They make a lot of noise to get their attention... They release some scent to make the females attracted to them... They preen, like the male peacock and his feathers..."

Taken in a car during my Bangkok holiday last year.

It suddenly occurred to me: That sounds an awful lot like human males.

Think about it. When boys hit a certain age, they realise that girls actually aren't as bad as all that and start, um, making changes. Suddenly, the spike of their hair, size of their biceps, and brand of their clothes is of utmost importance.

They kacau girls they like...

They douse themselves in cologne...

They can always be found carefully spiking their hair in front of mirrors...

Suffice to say, I interrupted my Grandad with my little realisation and started laughing.

Sorry, I just think it's really funny.


  1. Hmmm, pretty appropriate timing. I just had my prom. 5 guys went from T-shirts and shorts and slippers to Mafia Dons and Yakuza in an hour. A somewhat larger number of girls took roughly 3 hours, not including hair styling, to dress up.

    I think the mating ritual cuts both ways...XD

  2. Big bruddah! Haven't seen you online in a looooong time. (: I did think of that! It being both ways, I mean. The thing is, girls don't tease. Most of us, anyway. We're more touchy-feely than that. :P